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by: StopSign

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I hit the floor, rolling for what seemed to be an eternity. The truck wasn't moving too fast so I didn't skid on the ground too hard, but I did gain a few scrapes and bruises. A small cut lined my right cheek; it stung as raised myself from the road. I stood to see the truck drive over a hill and out of my view, I wasn't saddened or mad from the situation at hand. Those emotions hadn't hit me yet. With everything that just happened finally dawning on me, I went into the stage of shock. "Wait... what?"

I love this action packed fan fic! Taeyeon knows brawling beware, she's good! She's trained by her parents! Taeyeon POV, of course. Has TaeNy, but I like this because the author focus more on the mission but on later part, the author said she'll put TaeNy romance. kkkk Good to hear that right? So read it!


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