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NYLON - Tiffany Interview (13.09.17)

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Q: Korea’s now getting chilly, but Bali’s as hot as ever.
This is my first time coming here, but it’s nice because it’s a leisure schedule. This is almost my last, individual photoshoot schedule right before promotions start, and I probably shouldn’t say this, but today feels most like a ‘vacation’.

Q: You do well in photoshoots, and have done a lot, too. Today’s shoot was unlike usual ones, smiling less with a haughty(?) concept. How was it?
I didn’t think I’d be doing the shoot with a bobbed hairstyle, but it was fresh and fun. Because it’s the first time having that hair in a while, I think my fans will like it. It’s fun viewing the wig collection that was prepared as well.

Q: You give a lot of your opinions during photoshoots, right?
I’ve always taken part in the planning for photoshoots I’ve done thus far. I’ve also taken part in it for shoots in a different medium, and I really like these processes. When working on photoshoots, giving an opinion through another person is different from me, personally, adding on my senses to express things, right? I actually have thoughts of wanting to do stylings myself in the future. While I did do some styling when doing unit activities, I think it would be nice to show it through photoshoots, too.

Q: What kind of style are you wanting to show through a photoshoot?
I’ve totally been into the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’ lately. I liked it so much when I first watched it, I watched it six times from start to finish. The styling in the movie is really like art! So I wonder how it would be to do a photoshoot with the 1920s as the background. It would be better if the theme was ‘The Great Gatsby’.
Q: When watching the news, one day you’re in Korea, another in the US, and another day in Hong Kong. Just how often do you go overseas?
In a week, I’m overseas for about 5 days, and in Korea for 2. I didn’t count how many times I’ve been on a plane because it was troublesome, but when my parent saw the passports and ticket stubs I’ve saved, they get surprised and ask, “How many are there?” I had over 40. But, what’s really funny is that those were only the ones that I saved from February to May. Haha.

Q: You go around the entire world. Where’s your favorite place?
I think it can only be LA. Because before I came to Korea, that was my home, and all my family members are there. When I go home to LA, all of my family gets together, and my room is still there. To be honest, I’ve been working close to 10 years, when I’m alone in Korea, it doesn’t feel like I’m at home. Of course, when I’m with my members at the dorm, it does feel like home.

Q: When we don’t see you in Korea, during that time, you often had concerts overseas. Aren’t you exhausted, physically?
I think I really have the physique of a performer. The others are amazing as well. To be honest, it’s not easy moving in the morning when doing a tour, preparing for a concert, but I’m always in a good condition. It’s to the point where my members occasionally say, “How is she in that physical state in the morning?” Even during rehearsals, while I could warm up slowly, I adamantly say to do one more song, surprising my members.

Q: Do you normally have good physical health?
I’m a corpse when I’m not doing a concert. (laughs) When I’m all tired and exhausted, if there’s a concert or practice, I’m the type to drink coffee or an energy drink and say, “Go!” So, in a few words, I have the physique of a performer?

Q: What do you tend to do with leftover time?
Other people watch a lot of TV, but I don’t watch as much TV. If I do, I keep up with music programs. The reason why I watch music shows are because I need to know what’s popular these days, and because I have an interest in directing, there is a lot to see. Also, I try to make sure to watch dramas or variety shows my members are in. I watch ‘Dancing 9’ with Yuri and Hyoyeon without fail. Oh yeah, I don’t really watch dramas, but one I watched the original broadcast was ‘That Winter, the Wind Blows’.

Q: Because of Jo Insung?
That’s right. Because of him! You don’t know how much I kept up with the broadcast. I would tell all the other members to move and held onto the remote control. I normally never do that.

Q: Now that I think about it, your birthday passed not too long ago. Now that you’re in your mid-20s, are there any worries you’ve been getting, unlike before?
A: I think I worry most about my team (/group). We’ve gotten more individual time, and because all of our physical health and conditions differ, I wonder what we can do to pull out our best. Like before, if everything was simply good, now, everyone’s physical health aren’t like the past….
Q: Haha, that’s true. Because Girls’ Generation ages, too.
That’s right. In the past, because we didn’t ride the plane much, we could reserve our strength. But, nowadays, that’s not the case, so we have to allot our strength, so I worry about those things. Like, ‘What do we have to do for Girls’ Generation to give their best?’

Q: Getting older, do you feel yourself maturing?
I do, a lot. Before, when I would do photoshoots with mature concepts with my members, it didn’t seem to really suit us. I guess, it came out really young girl-like? But lately, along with our attitudes, because everyone has matured, those appearances don’t look awkward.
Q: You’ll be busy when you start activities in Korea again. Is there anything you want to do before then?
I want to vacation in Europe. Not one or two days, but for a little longer. But, no matter how much I think about it, because of schedules, I don’t think it’d be easy to do within this year. Even more so with activities coming up. Though I’m sad, satisfying my fans is also something I want to do, so I think it will be okay to postpone my Europe trip a bit.


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