Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back For Good

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by: Stephan Starr
            sneak peek                                                           

“You… You can’t make me happy, Taeyeon. Please let me go…”

“How long have you been a wedding photographer, Taeyeon-ssi?”

Taeyeon glanced up from one of her photo books and took a sip on her coffee before answering.

“Four years now.”

“Wow! But, that’s actually not that long. I mean, compared to the other photographers that have been in the industry for decades.”

Taeyeon and Yuri had met up for the second time to discuss about the wedding details. Wanting to change the atmosphere a bit, the shorter girl had opted to meet in a cozy cafe just a few blocks away from her studio.

“Photography has always been one of my hobbies, but I never thought of making it a profession.”

“That’s interesting. Why do weddings though? Why not fashion photography, or even nature?”

Taeyeon smiled at Yuri before leaning back on her chair. She took a glance outside the window, towards the passing cars and the people strolling outside. For four years she had forced herself to look at life differently, taking in every single detail for it makes up and completes the bigger picture.

She had decided to just let go of everything and start fresh.

At least she thought she had, but obviously it wasn’t the case. She picked up new hobbies, a new job, a new outlook in life, but as time went by, Taeyeon had realized how everything “new” had managed to connect them to her.

With a sigh, Taeyeon turned towards Yuri and gave out a sad smile.

“It reminds me of something I can never have.”

Yuri furrowed her eyebrows and just as she was about to ask, her phone lit up, displaying the name of her fiancée.

“Excuse me Taeyeon-ssi, I need to get this.” Taeyeon nodded as Yuri excused herself.

I'm sorry if I really like reading angst a lot because I'm such a masochist kkkk. This story hurts a lot! I warned you and your weak hearts! This story makes you cry, seriously. I was reading this on Sunday and here comes Monday, my classmates really thought I broke up with my love one, well in fact I'm not even in a relationship. I bound myself to love my 9 unnies ;)


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