Friday, January 17, 2014

Jessica the unnie whore

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Song Ji Hyo

Suh Hyo-rim

Lee Yeonhee



Ok Juhyun

Kang Min Kyung

Lee Hyori

Park Minyoung
“My lovely dongsaeng Jess^^ While coming back from Japan, she bought her tired unnie some delicious candy. I can’t resist adoring her.”
"It wasn't my birthday yet, but my cutie Jeshikie called me out, pretended I was 20 and sang me "Happy Birthday" ♥ Enjoy your visit to Japan *kiss*"

“It’s been eight years since I’ve known Jessica. She’s the prettiest for me out of all of SNSD. The second is Yoona.”

happy birthday my dear sis


Anonymous said...

what is the translation for the text msgs?? thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

Those text messages between Kang Minkyung and Jessica were when Minkyung was caught using butt pads during an event and Jessica was teasing her about it and Minkyung had uploaded that part on her twitter some time ago.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add more, Jessica x Lee Siyoung, Jessica x Dana, Jessica x Lim Jueun, Jessica x Lee Sooyoung, Jessica x Han Ye Seul, Jessica x Paulette, and many more
She pinged a lot of unnies

SoshiBUTTS said...

oh i havent seen the pics or gif and vid :(((

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