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Tiffany: The True Story of an Angel

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These are the sketches of an artist’s experiences, on real-life happenings while living in Seoul. This has been up for years but has only recently come into international prominence after being highlighted on national television by Mnet WIDE.

This is the true story of his encounter with the trainee “Stephanie Hwang”, before she became Tiffany of Girls’ Generation.

One cold winter, the artist stumbled across a drunk old man collapsed on the street. Concerned, he called for an ambulance and waited. 
Not concerned enough to forgo a smoke, he walked into the nearest convenience store for cigarettes while the old man continued to shiver on the sidewalk.
Some people passed by the man without a second glance, some stopped and looked worried, but ultimately when the artist returned outside with his cigarettes and a can of warmed coffee, the old man was still cold and alone.

The artist stood waiting nearby, finishing his coffee and smoke, watching people pass by without helping the old man. Feeling cold and tired, he stood by the convenience store, wondering when the ambulance would arrive.
That was when a certain clumsy young girl with a beaming smile burst out of the store, rushing to the old man.
The artist watched as the girl gave the old man a warmed canned coffee for each of his hands, before taking off her own jacket to keep the freezing man warm.
And as though inspired by her compassion, passers-by stopped to help the girl keep the man warm, offering their kindness and whatever they could. Even the convenience store worker stepped out to help her.

The rest of the story, I think, will be better told by the artist:
SNSD Tiffany brings many of her fans inspiration as an idol.

But the true Tiffany that has been there since the 1st of August 1989, Stephanie Hwang, is just as inspirational. Her kind heart probably saved a man’s life that day, her selfless courage to help another person in need inspired others to be like her and find humanity in the concrete jungle of a city, while her infectious smile would leave a lasting impression on those that were present in that cold winter.
To know that there are people out there that faithfully follow the lessons of the parable of the Good Samaritan is another reason for us to regain faith in ourselves as a society. To know that there are those who truly practice what they preach should inspire us as both religious and non-religious human beings. To know that there are such small, yet so genuine gestures of altruism brings me great hope in our future.

In today’s world, those who help others so passionately might be considered a saint but those who inspire the innate humanity to come forth from others, whose warmth not only comforts the weak but ignites the compassion of others to do good… that takes an angel.

For me, to know that Tiffany had lived as one of the unnoticed angels that walk among us fills me with endless pride as a SONE.
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