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The Rumor That Made Me EXPLODE!

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Well, I know many S♥NEs and especially TaeNy shippers know this. I'm always late at most issues. How could I NOT! I stopped spazzing K-pop, especially SNSD because I put too much attention at else where. hmm~ Anyway this was 2011 issue, I think.

        The RUMOR was...

Two members of SNSD were DATING FOR REAL! 

The rumor started like this:
Their manager got drunk at the bar and start spilling about SNSD members were dating each other. Manager-oppa accidentally told the bar owner(his friend) and then it got spread. I'm not saying IT IS 100% LEGITIMATE TRUE. Anyway rumors are rumors!

Oh Gahd! I so wanna kneel down and pray, hoping that TAENY is the one DATING FOR REAL!!


A Lovely Manga ^_^

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I would like to recommend this not so disgusting, horrifying and disturbing manga. Oooohhh not at all! IS IT NOT THAT OBVIOUS THAT YOU'LL LOVE THIS KIND OF HEAVEN n' oohhhh HOLY SHHHHHeep!!?

See? what did I told you not so puking-freaking-fucking-disgusting-shitty-disturbing-manga, RIGHT!?

If you're enjoying it here's the link! Have fun ^^, !!

Are you nuts?! I lied.

Seungri Not In Good Terms With SNSD...

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Big Bang’s Seungri may have taken a step too far in his recent interview with Daum’s micro-blog “Yozm.” The interview, taken place on Feb. 7th, fans upload questions for Seungri to directly answer, and some of his responses that had real celebrity names, including SNSD and JYJ’s Joonsu, have been stirring heated debates online.
When asked which celebrities he’s friends with, Seungri specifically mentioned SNSD, but sort of put the girls in a bad light as he answered, “My celebrity friend network has grown a lot now. I was pretty close with SNSD members, but honestly we’re not on good terms anymore.^^ I won’t elaborate on it^^ Because we fought once^^.”
Seungri went on to mention KARA’s Goo Hara, F.T. Island’s Choi Jong Hoon, MBLAQ’s Thunder, Brown Eyed Girls’ Son Ga-In, and Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung as his close celebrity friends, but didn't add any negative implications like he did with SNSD girls.
Later on, Seungri talked about his musical career and hopes of continuing to perform at theaters. When asked if there’s any shows he would like to be a part of, Seungri said he’s interested in “Jeckyll & Hyde,” “Phantom of the Opera,” “Greece,” and “Mozart,” which JYJ’s Joonsu once starred in as a leading cast member. But then he added, “Originally, the main role for ‘Mozart’ was supposed to go to singer Cho Sung Mo. But then he got injured and I was first approached to play the leading role before Joonsu did. After I declined the offer, Joonsu got the role and the show became a big hit.”
These comments have lately been causing much controversy online as fans are upset over the fact that Seungri, a member of one of the most popular singing groups in Korea, was a little too rash to actually mention specific names in a media interview—especially when he’s not really complimenting them. “It was a careless decision by Seungri to actually mention all these names,” one netizen commented, as another said, “Seungri’s words are far from the truth.”
On the other hand, some fans are saying Seungri’s quotes were just taken out of context and his full interview indicates Joonsu as being a better fit to the role. In fact, Seungri did add later in the interview that, “It would have been impossible for me to fully perform the songs in the show anyway. If I had taken the role, I wouldn’t have been able to receive as much attention as Joonsu did.” Fans supporting him have voiced their opinions saying, “This shouldn’t be a controversy at all. It was just a candid, confident interview by Seungri.”
Seungri has never been the shy type to hide his true feelings and a lot of fans love him for that. But some fans blame him for crossing the line in this interview and possibly causing media speculation and baseless rumors. It’s hard to tell what Seungri’s true intentions are here, but to me it’s pretty clear that he’s not trying to defame anyone. I just wish he could elaborate a bit more on the “fight” he had with SNSD.

Who could be that SNSD member that he had fought with?? . . .

Well... Rumors says that it was SNSD's Yuri but saying as rumor many confirmed it actually. 
Rumors said that Seungri had sex with Yuri and after that he didn't call her anymore, that's why the SNSD members don't like him. ppffftt!!

 but actually I believe in this version:

- Seungri and Yuri were good friends.

- They introduced some of their friends to each other.
- Seungri seduced one of Yuri's female friends that she had introduced to him.
- Seungri dumped the girl after they had sex.
- Both the girl and Yuri were very upset, Yuri didn't expect Seungri to treat her friend as a one-night-stand
- Yuri and Seungri had a massive fight about this and have not been friends since then. The girls in SNSD sided with Yuri and are also no longer friendly towards Seungri.
- Because Seungri and Yuri had a disagreement it does not mean that the members from Super Junior hate him or avoid him. In fact, Eunhyuk and Donghae have always liked Seungri and always greeted him warmly. Just to clarify Seungri did not date Yuri nor had sex with her.

It's not new that Seungri is a witty player, I bet VIPs know that hmmm~

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

TaeNy Couple Stuffs ♥

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I know you heard the rumor of Lee Teuk x Taeng and Khun x Fany secretly dating and their proof was having couple pffttt puhleasseee~ Is having couple stuff the only basis of being a couple?.. Like what if the fans were the root of that, like they are the ones who gave their idols that stuff and gave the idol the other stuff to make a couple rumor and made people think, "omo they are actually couples".

Ok, ok, if it's like that how can you explain these~~~~

TaeYeon's necklace is a KEY and Tiffany's necklace is a LOCKET.



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