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Let's Track Back: Kwon Yuri - Son Ye Jin - Han Ye Seul Rumor

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SNSD Yuri, Son Ye Jin, Han Ye Seul - Gay Triangle... could this be true?... How really true is it? Well let's just track some events by given pieces of details and information and some are speculations...

March/April rumor of SYJ/Yuri popping out on the net.

[1st version]
The topic of discussion these days is the talk of two popular actresses, A and B, who are both infatuated with F and are taking different approaches. A attended a party with F, allowing F to broaden her social network while B either calls F to her home or spends some "cozy time" with her in a car. B might be aware that A recently bought F a car. Both A and B have wrapped up their filming but both are disappointed because they cannot spend as much time as they'll like with F due to F's overseas promotions. B's entourage has said "B seems to be really lovestruck right now to the point that her filming is disturbed/her filming has been hard to focus on." An industry insider has also said "F isn't the type of person who can easily refuse and therefore hasn't been able to refuse both A and B's phone calls. At the moment she seems close with them both but no one's really sure of her true feelings."

A= Son Ye Jin
B= Han Ye Seul
F= Our one and only, the lovely Miss Kwon Yuri

At the same time it was discussed on k-gossip blogs/boards (i'm not sure, but i know we had k-netizen comments on it from that sort of thing). Their names popped up with each other, netizens were searching them like crazy - everyone was curious but no one was actually talking about it

May it's published as a blind item in sport seoul with the addition of HYS but quickly taken down.

[2nd version]
SportsSeoul, one of the biggest Korean newspaper, was the original source. One of the korean comments, and a guest user here also pointed it out, that SportsSeoul usually has news that turns out to be true; one example would be the incredible news of Seo Taiji's and Lee Jin Ah's relationship. SportsSeoul was the one who found out about it in the 90s and were ridiculed for publishing "nonsense". They didn't try to prove they were right and just let it wash over because of who Seo Taiji is and was. If they were the only ones who were able to find out about them, or at least were the only ones who had the balls to publish, then, as the Korean anon said, "it's hard not to believe in this."

This all happened in 2011, they said. But nobody really knows when, because none of the articles stated a specific time period.

But I think the liking/infatuation started in 2010 where Son Ye Jin starred in a drama last year with Im Seulong, and was able to meet Kwon Yuri through him.
Because of Yuri's busy overseas promotions, Son Ye Jin misses/is unable to see her and supposedly has even gone overseas just to meet her.

Son Ye Jin starred in a drama, Personal Taste, with Im Seulong on 2010.
SNSD's 1st Asia Tour: Into The New World started on Dec. 19, 2009 and ended on Oct. 17, 2010.

There was a rumor that Son Ye Jin was obsessed with Yuri and begged for her number through a mutual friend of theirs. Apparently she flew to Japan to see Yuri and everything. This is all from the korean site "cytic.com".

And if it's NOT on 2010 because some are also saying that it's mid something in 2011, well let's track it.

If this, "Because of Yuri's busy overseas promotions, Son Ye Jin misses/is unable to see her and supposedly has even gone overseas just to meet her." DID NOT HAPPEN IN 2010,then , there are also similar activities where it can be possible that one is busy doing this and one went there to see her.
And including Han Ye Seul, her entourage said, "HYS seems to be really love struck right now to the point that her filming is disturbed/her filming has been hard to focus on."

Activities in 2011:
[ SNSD Yuri ]
Run Devil Run Jap Ver (Apr)
1st Japan Arena Tour (May - July)

[ SYJ ]
Spellbound movie (Dec 1)
-the filming of the movie is obviously earlier in December

[ HYS ]

Car Accident (May)
Myung Wol The Spy drama (July)
Han Ye Seul Chronicles 

The car: Son Ye Jin bought a car not for herself a bit before the BI, happens to be the same model (possible color?) that Yuri wants.
The article that I only know that Son Ye Jin bought a car. Son Ye Jin bought a brown colored car when white is more popular amongst females. But there is an interesting quote where Son Ye Jin goes "White is nice but these days I'm really into these kind of colors." (Yuri is known for her tanned skin).

SYJ supposedly introduces Yuri to movers and shakers in industry, director mentioned in blind item says he wanted Yuri for a project .

K-Sone Yuri stan now going to SYJ events. 
Which seems pretty intriguing to me since they obviously know things we don't. Well known/reputable Yuri stan has signature implying the blind item thing .

Yuri makes some reference to either knowing or wanting to get to know SYJ better
Also Yuri's (previously unstated?) interest in backpacking which is like SYJ's favorite thing.

In BI it was said that SYJ is prepared to unleash a scandal to cover up things with Yuri if it got worse - photographed with H33chul(just a codename and not HeeChul from Suju), also from SM, AND recently talked about him in an interview. Unfortunately - conveniently - he joined the army before they could have another launch.

The member of running man that SYJ knew of was Yuri's gym buddy.
The Running Man member is Lee Kwang-soo. If I remember they mentioned it being the gym buddy of Yuri on Running Man episode 63.

Supposedly introduced by Im Seulong, who Yuri probably knows anyways, but was also friendly with on Invincible Youth (Also, GAY).

Son Ye Jin likes dating younger "boys"[link]
Yuri and SYJ only have 7 years age gap, plus Yuri likes a bit of an older age difference.

Gay rumors.
Those two actresses have always been plagued by gay rumors. Han Ye Seul was even spotted in a gay bar plus a lot of hints have been dropped. If you go to www.naver.com and put in search bar which is Son Ye Jin's name and the first thing that popped up and with Yuri's name. Obviously people in Korea have been searching them up.
An SNSD member was  also spotted at a gay bar but no one knows who went there since it's just a rumor. But we might not know it is really true that an member went there and her K-Sone STAN knows but would not tell who it was.

Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook knows about it.
(start on 3:12)
So the rumor did really start on early 2010 on their Run Devil Run promotion. The MC knows about it and when he said, "In the car?". The audience and the SNSD members laugh and look closely to TaeYeon's expression. I think it has widespread already and SNSD are also updated to what's happening because they also check issues in the internet. It's suspicious why Sica wants to get to know more about Han Ye Seul.


Hey gay girls use your gaydar! Don't say you're not feelin' it :p

Is This Legit?
I don't know MAYBE IT'S REAL. Who knows it's not far from impossible. It's really possible to happen you know and more to believe in because it's not just a shipping couple within a group but outside the group. If you search for the articles everything is gone except for those who kept a copy for the blind item thingy and if you understand Korean go to their blog site/forum.

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Yoona's Fan Girls

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AKB48 Miho Miyazaki said "I like SNSD's Yoona. I think she is really cute and I like her very much."; she feels like crying because she can't understand Korean, but now she is learning the language. (Radio Show, 2011)

AKB48 Nakamata Shiori wrote that she loves SNSD's Yoona and she wants (Love Rain's) DVD. (2013)
Nakamata Shiori:
I love Girls’ Generation’s Yoona
I still want the DVD
Yoona ♪ Yoona ♪
Ah, my photoshoot is finished (^^)

AKB48's Natsuki Sato commented that "Yoona is very cool, I can't fall asleep. Yoona is so cute that I can't sleep T_T T_T T_T T_T" upon watching SNSD's 'The Boys' MV (KOR ver). (Dec. 2011)

AKB48 'Team K' Yonezawa Rumi said her favorite Soshi members are Yoona and Yuri.

After School Uee was clearly fangirling on Yoona upon meeting her. (We Got Married; on a Music Show in 2013)

Asakura Yuki, *gravure idol*, ABSOLUTELY LOVES Yoona, she fell in love with her at first sight, and if she were a boy she would fall in love with her; she's also a fan of Cinderella Man. (Yuki's personal blog)


Baek Ji Young, *singer*, told MC Yoo Jae-suk before the show and the admitted it on the show that Yoona's beauty was no joke, that she was truly pretty. Also when they first sat, Baek Ji Young put distance between them because of Yoona's beauty according to BJY. (Happy Together Season 3 - 17.01.2013)


Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In admires Yoona's cuteness & her acting skills since Yoona won several acting awards even though she was a newcomer actress. (Golden Fishery)

Choi Hwa Jung, *actress, radio DJ*, said that she became best friends w/ Yoona after Intimate Note; keeps contact w/ Yoona more than she does others. (Intimate Note, 2009; Champagne, 2009)

Goo Hye Sun, *actress, movie producer*, was shy, loves Yoong's aegyo, has admired her from afar, praised Yoona's beauty. (Win Win Ep. 18)

Jung Ryeo-won, *ex-member of Chakra, actress, model*, wrote that her favorite SNSD members were Yoona & Tiffany. (Blog, 2009)

KARA Kang Jiyoung thinks that among girl groups members, Yoona is the prettiest girl without makeup. (Taxi with KARA)

KARA Nicole Jung thinks that among girl groups members, Yoona is the prettiest girl without makeup. She also wanted to become friends with Yoona. (Taxi with KARA; SGB)

Stellar Kim Gayoung, stated in an interview that "Yoona is my role model." (Interview)

Kim Leena, *lyricist*, praised her beauty: "All my personal preference vanished because of Yoona’s beautiful face. I wanted to avoid the mirror after seeing Yoona in real life." (2010 Melon Music Award)

Lyn (Lee Se-jin), *South Korean singer*, likes Yoong so much that she named one of her nieces 'Yoona'. (2009 MNet Super100 Idols)

Maruyama Yumi, *fashionista*, thinks Yoona is super cute. (Yumi's personal blog)

Miyama Karen, *actress*, mentions she's a fan of Yoona and thinks she's cute; she's also a fan of You Are My Destiny. (Karen's personal blog)


Murata Mari, *fashion model*, mentions that she's a huge fan of Yoona. (Mari's personal blog)

Nanako, *model*, loves Yoona's bangs; her mother and her are in love with her. (Nanako's personal blog)

Oguchi Momoko, *fashion model*, says she's a fan of Yoona. (Momoko's personal blog)

Oku Yuri, *fashion model*, mentions that Yoona is her favorite SNSD member. (Yuri's personal blog)

Palette Asa, *singer*, loves Yoona's drama You Are My Destiny. (Asa's personal blog)

Park Kyung-lim, *entertainer, comedian, MC, show host*, described Yoona as unsurpassed beauty. (Interview)

PASSPO Fujimoto Yukimi, *idol singer*, thinks Yoona is so cute, she's a fan of her drama and she wants a small face and style like Yoona. (Yukimi's personal blog)

Sasaki Moyoko, *model*, thinks Yoona is adorable. (Moyoko's personal blog)

Satou Aoi, *fashion model*, mentions her favourite members are Yoona & Sooyoung. (Aoi's personal blog)

Seki Ayano, *fashion model*, stated that her favourite SNSD member is Yoona and she bought Yoona's Innisfree products. (Ayano's personal blog)

Shibata Shoko, *gravure idol*, says she loves Yoona and thinks Yoona's Innisfree song is 'super super cute'. (Shoko's personal blog)

Sung Yuri, *member of Fin.K.L (inactive girl group)*, thinks that Yoona is really pretty. (Interview)

Yonemura Misaki, *actress*, mentioned that her favorite SNSD member is Yoona. (Misaki's personal blog)

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TaeNy in YG Magazine Valentine's Special

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(look at the picture behind the spoiler to see what they are referring to)
The title, the number 62 written on: Xiaobai (author?) "Will forever believe in the love that you two have for each other"
inside a heart shape in the middle of writing: "You have touched my heart. He was his happiest day."
Inscription below the heart in the left corner of the end:" Couple Tae <3Ny. A relationship does not need words to describe."

TaeNy CP (CP stands for: Couple Pairing)
There are many stock in SNSD, but if you asked any public SONEs Who is known as Appa and Umma in Soshi? "They will not hesitate to answer (sure as eggs in eggs) with you that "Taeyeon and Tiffany." As such, they were roommates together for a long time before the group debuted. Until now that friendship has been cultivated for more than 6 years! Their story is not overnight success (one-night stand??? No no no no), silent relationship that had experienced many times prickly debate, both the care and the understanding.

"Tiffany…You were quite excited before coming to Phuket…We’ve been roommates for a long time since training days~ It may be because we’ve known each other for so long, you know how family members usually don’t say things like this, like, I like you…or can’t really express gratitude, and I feel like I’m like that especially with you. I grew up in Korea, you in the US, and the differences in opinions due to cultural differences came as hard at first but now, after trying to match up to each other, we really have no questions about each other. That’s how close we’ve gotten and I like how we are right now. I like you before when we were trainees, but I like you better now. Thanks for presenting me, and the all of us, with so much memories, and we have a long way to go together, so I’ll stop here."
"And lastly, TaeYeon~ah  She’s not here, right? I can’t say anything if she's here…TaeYeon, lately we’ve been quarreling on and off, right? We’ve been like this for six years now? We grew up together for six years…and I love our relationship. I’ll try to express more, and you too~ I love you so so much, and I care for you, you know that right? Thank you always, and love you lots! The end!"

Anyone who has a TaeNy Fans of CP would be very familiar with the story "Locks and Keys." The Shippers with eagle eyes of the day, rubs night was "inspired" that Taeyeon and Tiffany have long, they often wear the necklace-shaped locks (Tiffany) and the other is the key (TaeYeon). Though many of you may not see any signs, but those who understand the feelings for the other two said they would have gone through many ups and downs since from when they were students. During an English idiom like this: "If something is under lock and key, it is stored very Securely." (If something has been locked by lock and key, it will be kept very secure.) Like their relationship, they share the joys and sorrows of emotional life that only two people can understand them., 2008, when Taeyeon was a guest on the show that Tiffany SSGB the MC, she replied: "Yes, I loved her. She is a reliable person. " But other members are fully aware of their weaknesses (the only place they can find family-based fatigue or fall) only two members of this family are not living in Seoul with their , so both can not easily find solace when they are weak. As SooYoung once said on a radio: "I want 2 you can rely on when you need her. Taeyeon, Tiffany, let me know the second he is also very weak so please stop trying to act strong but let me share with us more. "Too many things were concealed inside the" box "is finally one day you will find it full of lost it, so ...Tiffany Taeyeon ah ~ your heart to remember is to "empty" once in a decent time. "

In a group, there Leader heads and members followed. SNSD has 9 members with one leader, Taeyeon How can treat all members equally? Although many of you do not know, but once taeyeon has been criticized for fans of Tiffany bias, so that the relationship between the two becoming "stuck" (I also do not clearly this case, do not ask me who, where old things passed away, do not be revived.'m just translated the original burned). Until 2010, TaeYeon's birthday, Tiffany hugged her and said: "This is not be broadcast, so I can do whatever I want." With the treatment of the members, she must always be fair, she did not further the right group led by a leader with that deft back support members. Because of Tiffany's outspoken personality, she was always straightforward in speech and TaeYeon had so patiently for her fix. Tiffany once said: "When there are members around, Taeyeon will prompt "Tipani, think before you speak." Conversely, when a leader is also soft. Remember the incident Taeyeon was kidnapped? Despite her appearance looks okay, but it has left a scar. Since then Tiffany has become the "guardian angel" of TaeYeon. Wherever they come to advertise or perform, Tiffany always by her side whenever and fans rushed to their extreme, she hurriedly TaeYeon shield and put her in the car, but forgot Her work is also an idol (Bodyguard commitment). Role of SNSD's Taeyeon and Tiffany always change the circumstances and that's why fans are jealous of their relationship very much.

Two students TaeYeon and Tiffany, who lives in South Korea, the other born and raised in California. Initially, Tiffany was not fluent in Korean, TaeYeon's English was not good, it seems that the "mission impossible" for her is to be able to communicate with Tiffany. As roommates, they were together most of the time, train together, eat together and once the two got together to visit TaeYeon's family for the holidays. Over time, their relationship gradually changes from the "two-guys-far-unknown" has become "two-sisterhood", but all are not easy to come by. With a quiet, taciturn and the other has a different personality, lively, war is inevitable, and I'm sure you've heard about the quarrel between two people on a tour of Japan recently? Although you might think: It would be ridiculous to cancel their duet performances just because a small controversy veChung U-Trouble-Text (?). (?) But if you think about it, this is not is a type (family quarrels, to blow the story because of bad mood) of the members of your family often suffer together or what? Taeyeon As explained earlier, it is when she is not feeling well and is really sensitive, and above all her closest friends could tell that her lack of interest in this, Is it really the big problem is not that they quarrel? (Yes, sir Beans big brother). Fortunately they had a dramatic reconciliation that night and could make performances perfectly fine the next day. Taeyeon and Tiffany is more intimate and more sisterhood, even family still love Taeyeon Tiffany as their daughter. One time, a met fan fam Taeyeon and her mother revealed that this time when Taeyeon was sick and they were on their way home. Tiffany ran straight towards them, holding a medicine bag for "the sick" while Taeyeon smiled awkwardly and said to her: "Taeyeon not flavored hard pill to swallow, let her drink this" . Mrs. Kim was touched. Taeyeon's father also said: "Compared with my daughter, Tiffany is like my daughter more."

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SNSD Counting Bills

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Animals' Generation

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The Invincible Team

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Yeah She Knew

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Hyo's Bow

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Throwing Pose

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