Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TaeYeon With Rainbow's No Eul

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" 정말 오랜만에 고향친구이자 선배님이자 동료인 탱이를 만났당^^어렸을 때 친구와 같은 꿈을 꾸고 이뤄서 이렇게 서로 열심히 살고 있는 모습이 마냥 신기하여 계속 옛날 얘기하며 추억을 되새기는데 인생이란 참 재미있구나 라는걸 새삼 또 한 번 느꼈다~^^ㅎ어두운 한강길 가로등 밑에서 사진찍어보겠다고ㅋㅋ여기저기에 그늘지고...ㅋ팥빙수 우리 담부턴 작은거 시키자..너무 컸어!ㅠㅠ" - @No_Eul

[TRANS by @Kymmie] After a really long time, I met up with Taengie, my friend from the same hometown, senior and colleague ^^ Ever since young, my friend and I have had the same dream so the image of both of us fulfilling that dream and being able to work hard together like this is really amazing. We kept reminiscing and talking about the past and I once again felt that life is interesting~^^ㅎ We wanted to try to take a picture under a street light along the dark Han River road ㅋㅋ Shadows here and there... ㅋ Next time let's order a small portion of pat-bing-soo.. It was too big! ㅠㅠ

*Pat-bing-soo: Korean adzuki-bean ice dessert/red-bean sherbet


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