Monday, March 17, 2014

Jessica's cellphone wallpaper

Butts Posted by SoshiBUTTS at 8:11 PM

Have you noticed Sica's phone wallpaper?

There are 2 things why girls make pretty girls as their wallpaper:

(1) They admire/appreciate their beauty.
[for example]
Girl 1: Look bitch! Look! *shows her phone's wallpaper*
Girl 2: OMG! Cara Delivigne is so effin hot! I wanna be like herrrrrr~
Girl 1: Fuck! She's so pretty and sexy! I wanna be like her and then my bf would totally drool over me!
Girl 2: You said it right! *bitch laugh*

(2) They are sexually attracted to them.
[for example]
Girl 1: *looks time on her phone*
Girl 2: *saw her friend's phone wallpaper* Oh-my-fucking-ALLAH-&-GOD!! YOU ALSO LIKE CARA DELIVIGNE??!?!?!? FUUUUCCCCKKK!!
Girl 1: HELL YEAHHH!!! She's so fucking HOOOOOT~ I wanna fuck her till dawn! *unff!*
Girl 2: *squeal*
Girl 1: *fangirling* *finger sign*
Girl 1 & Girl 2: *fangirl moan*

It's not new if Jessica's wallpaper are hot chics from Victoria Secret or whatsoever, I mean even how much we see Sica being girly, I can feel that deep inside she's attracted in girls. Well, do you know she's known for being an unnie whore? Sica is so sweet towards girls if you haven't notice it, then you're not paying too much attention. Shame on you! ^^,

Me: Why is she called unnie whore?
K: Oh since her predebut, she has a lot of female unnie friends and fangirls them.

Me: Ahh I see... [Jessica the unnie whore]

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