Wednesday, June 18, 2014

busy busy busy

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I'm busy for internship :(

Sunday, June 15, 2014


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                                    sneak peek                                    
There are things that doesn't need an explanation. There are things that doesn't need a reason. There are things that doesn't need words. I work. I kill for a living. You want to know why? Because it doesn't matter. I am nobody. I exist just to kill–well that's what I only know for myself.

One of my favorites, I really like action. Taeyeon has a cool ability here, her eyes creates an illusion.

Saturday, June 14, 2014


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If you didn't know about jiminxyz─she was pretending to be a staff of SM, posting Soshi BTS pics (or some were stolen from other accounts) on IG. It was bad of her for doing that but she apologized anyway.

Friday, June 13, 2014


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Yesterday─June 13, 2014, I was mentally-blogging about Taeyeon, KhunFany, Locksmiths, Real Sones and Cockroaches. I have many ideas that were splashing like waves inside my mind while working on my audit shit sheets. And I want to write all of my ideas now, but sad to say, I forgot how to write it and where to start.

I'll take note that next time, in case my scumbag brain starts to think brilliantly, I have to write it down.

But you didn't

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nonsense Up-Votes

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It's just funny how I got many up-votes over this nonsense comment on NettizenBuzz

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

TaeNy Fanfics Recommendation

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 Rules - Donkatsu
 Rules 2: One Year Later - Donkatsu
 Strawberry Kit Kat - Donkatsu
   Perfect Strangers - Donkatsu
 Tit For Tat - Donkatsu
 Do You Believe In Fate? - Donkatsu
 Bewitched - Donkatsu
 Sitting In A Cafe - Donkatsu
   Call Me Maybe - Donkatsu
 Reset - Donkatsu
 Coincidences - Donkatsu
 Stupid - Donkatsu
   Up On That Tree - Donkatsu
 A Winter Tale - Donkatsu
 First Love - Donkatsu
   Let Me - Donkatsu
   Silence - Donkatsu
   Birthdays - Donkatsu
   Baby, It's Cold Outside - Donkatsu
   What If - Donkatsu
 Say It With Flowers - Donkatsu
   Rainkissed Leaves - Donkatsu
   It Started With A Cake - Donkatsu
   Untitled - Donkatsu
 Mistake - Donkatsu
 Friends - Donkatsu
 Parked - Donkatsu
   The Smallest Things - Donkatsu
 Just Another Love Story - Donkatsu
   Hello - Donkatsu
   Five Senses - Donkatsu
 The Final Choice - Donkatsu
   The Right Time - Donkatsu
   This Christmas - Donkatsu
   Lucky - Donkatsu
   Once - Donkatsu
   Midnight Kiss - Donkatsu
 Changes - Donkatsu
   Beautiful Stranger - readeroflots
   Those Games We Play - readeroflots
 Falling For The Devil - readeroflots
   Oppa - semproa
 Road Trip - stephan
   The Girl At Apartment 27 - stephan

 Mix - stephan
 Back For Good - stephan

Asian Fanfics
 Contract - BluePetals
 Nodus Tollens - JustLetHerGo

   The Melancholy of Taeyeon - JustLetHerGo

   Lost in Translation - JustLetHerGo

The Iron Maiden - thedarkhorse
   A Game We Played - thedarkhorse

   Remnants of a Hollow Heart - PinkSago

 Juliet & Juliet - PinkSago
 Time Line - StopSign
   Black Revolver - 9celcius
   Risk Vs. Reward - TaeKNEE
   Your Place - ml5565
   Stay - yuukisan
   Light Of Dawn - FroggieDez49
   Love Sick - DrunkenW
   Wishful Thinking - DrunkenW
   It Was You All Along - DrunkenW
   The Only Reason - DrunkenW
   Yes, Taeyeon. No, Tiffany - DrunkenW
   Hello Stranger - DynamiteiSei
   Miss Independent - hwaitaengoo
   The Bus Stop - blablabladibla
   Back To The Way We Are - kpoplover11
   Pretense - shroom8
   The Perfect Two - shroom8
   Anatomy Of A Gun - axn03glade
   Conquering Your Fears - Cloudini
   My Substitute - gg9snsd
   Just Like This - mochibubble
   Problems - InfinityPenguins
   My Beautiful Roommate - InfinityPenguins
   Deaf - InfinityPenguins
   It Hurts - InfinityPenguins
   Starting Over - chaengoo
 Angel Knows - barney01

Hurricane Diarrhea - itsakyo 
 A Shot Of You - itsakyo
   Unspoken Words - rahmyun
   Grammar & Conventions - lau0601

SOSHIFIED (you need an account to log in)
 Endless Season - kijeok
Looking For Angels - Pandine
My Conveyor - iluvtaeny
   First Times - Nelly
   500 Days of Taeyeon - Gouda
   Devil's Cry - PeopleLAF 
   Touch - SeeKo
   Desperate Ex-Wives - Pandine
   We Were Angels Once - Pandine (Looking For Angels prequel)
   Jumping Off A Cliff - jellygateun
   3 With You - jellygateun
   To Get Tiffany - Raeganger
   Molla - lau0601
   No Body, Somebody, No One Else - thori
   Road To Heaven - Emma Faesri
   The Song Of The Butterflies - silkworm
   Blurted Confession - Heimdall
   The Missing Piece - rahmyun
   Visions from Mnemosyne - rahmyun
   Traffic Thinking - peppermintmuffin
   Dreamcatcher - peppermintmuffin
   Red Curtain - peppermintmuffin
 9 Kisses - Cherry92
   The Voiceless - Cherry92
   Stay - chalez
   Grow On You - Elize
   Phone Calls - blue012
   Coffee Escapade - sonyuhmars
   My Therapist - SoshiLove123
   Always - cheesecakefrappe
   My Dumb Damn Darn Diary - cheesecakefrappe

Live Journal
   Sixteen Hours To None - humyourheart
   Taking A Plunge - humyourheart
   A Day Off - byunshroom87
   Time To Wake Up - byunshroom87
   Waking Up - byunshroom87

*Please recommend some good read and well written fics too :)


Monday, June 9, 2014

060714 Fan Account 2014 Dream Concert - Bomi x Taeyeon

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

060714 TaeNy 2014 Dream Concert

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"The only way you would ever get married Taeyeon, is if you were married to your work."

                                  sneak peek                                  
Two minutes. I have two, no scratch that, one minute and fifty-six seconds before the meeting starts. I walk briskly past rows of office desks with employees diligently typing away or talking importantly on the phone. They always do that when I walk by. One of them was so desperate, he grabbed a stapler instead of a receiver and pressed it to his ear.  I guess that’s what people do when the owner of the company walks by.
I reach the desk of my secretary. She sits up clutching a thick folder packed with documents and in her other hand she is holding out a cup of black coffee.
 “Good morning, Ms Kim. Everyone is in the boardroom. And the video call is already set up.”
I take the folder from her, ignoring the cup of coffee. I’ll have to get my caffeine fix later in the day when I have the time. If I ever get any free time which is terribly rare – not that I mind.
“Thank you, Janet. Can you move my meeting with Mr Yao to three this afternoon and chase up the financial report from last month.”
“Yes Ms Kim.”
I reach the doors of the boardroom. I take a quick glance at my reflection off the polished glass doors. My shoulder length blonde hair is neatly tied back and I’m wearing a black pencil skirt with a black blazer over a white blouse. I push open the doors. There is a brief pause as I enter the room. Conversations are halted and all eyes are on me as I take my place at the head of the table. In front of me there is a large screen filled with a view of another boardroom. There is a buzz of energy in the air. Sitting at the head of their table is a well kempt man in his late fifties - none other than the CEO of Hwang Industries himself.
I stand up from my seat and respectfully bow. “Good morning Mr Hwang, I am pleased to see you looking well.”
A smile breaks on the man’s face. “And a good morning to you Ms Kim. I am glad to you haven’t forgotten manners despite your success.”
I sit myself back down shaking my head gently. “I merely succeeded my father, Mr Hwang. Nothing to be glorified for I’m afraid.”
He heartily chuckled. “So modest as well! Yes, your family’s business was doing well throughout South Korea I admit, but I believe it was you who made your company internationally renowned.”

A very cute and funny TaeNy fic :)

Nodus Tollens

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Nodus Tollens: 

n. the realization that the plot of your life doesn’t make sense to you anymore—that although you thought you were following the arc of the story, you keep finding yourself immersed in passages you don’t understand, that don’t even seem to belong in the same genre—which requires you to go back and reread the chapters you had originally skimmed to get to the good parts, only to learn that all along you were supposed to choose your own adventure.

                                  sneak peek                                  

They lived in a world of literal constant rain. They grew up with rain, slept with rain, lived in the rain, and loved in the rain.

Tiffany never saw the sun.

“Breakfast, shower, work, back home. Breakfast, shower, work, back home. Oh. I can’t forget school.” Tiffany clicked her tongue, letting the pen roll between her fingers as she thought. Her hands were cold and her nose was runny. She sighed.

Looking outside her window she noticed the rain today was a light drizzle.

Biting her lip she tried to focus on her professor talking, but all she could think about was—“Breakfast, shower, work, back home.” Whispering she felt a kick on the back of her seat.

It's unique from any other fiction because it makes you think more. The way she always talks so deeply, in riddles, in questions, and it's very well written.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

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@susi4488 pls

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Can she not calm her pussy? We don't know if it's real or NOT. I can't even say it's 99% real or delulu thoughts since it can be possible though. We can share our thoughts about it but not this way ─ commenting her IG, tagging her.
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Friday, June 6, 2014

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Fan account TaeNy BTS 060514

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It's kinda mixed up but you'll get the thought anyway :)

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

060214 Taeyeon Gimpo Airport

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