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"The only way you would ever get married Taeyeon, is if you were married to your work."

                                  sneak peek                                  
Two minutes. I have two, no scratch that, one minute and fifty-six seconds before the meeting starts. I walk briskly past rows of office desks with employees diligently typing away or talking importantly on the phone. They always do that when I walk by. One of them was so desperate, he grabbed a stapler instead of a receiver and pressed it to his ear.  I guess that’s what people do when the owner of the company walks by.
I reach the desk of my secretary. She sits up clutching a thick folder packed with documents and in her other hand she is holding out a cup of black coffee.
 “Good morning, Ms Kim. Everyone is in the boardroom. And the video call is already set up.”
I take the folder from her, ignoring the cup of coffee. I’ll have to get my caffeine fix later in the day when I have the time. If I ever get any free time which is terribly rare – not that I mind.
“Thank you, Janet. Can you move my meeting with Mr Yao to three this afternoon and chase up the financial report from last month.”
“Yes Ms Kim.”
I reach the doors of the boardroom. I take a quick glance at my reflection off the polished glass doors. My shoulder length blonde hair is neatly tied back and I’m wearing a black pencil skirt with a black blazer over a white blouse. I push open the doors. There is a brief pause as I enter the room. Conversations are halted and all eyes are on me as I take my place at the head of the table. In front of me there is a large screen filled with a view of another boardroom. There is a buzz of energy in the air. Sitting at the head of their table is a well kempt man in his late fifties - none other than the CEO of Hwang Industries himself.
I stand up from my seat and respectfully bow. “Good morning Mr Hwang, I am pleased to see you looking well.”
A smile breaks on the man’s face. “And a good morning to you Ms Kim. I am glad to you haven’t forgotten manners despite your success.”
I sit myself back down shaking my head gently. “I merely succeeded my father, Mr Hwang. Nothing to be glorified for I’m afraid.”
He heartily chuckled. “So modest as well! Yes, your family’s business was doing well throughout South Korea I admit, but I believe it was you who made your company internationally renowned.”

A very cute and funny TaeNy fic :)


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