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9 Kisses

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by: Cherry92

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‘Well, I am jealous,’ Tiffany said. ‘I know I’m good too but... not when I compare myself to you guys.’

‘Seriously???’ I had to laugh and I too, turned to my stomach on the bed now, my arms propping me up to face her. ‘You think I’m a better dancer than you?’

‘Well... I don’t know, you just have something I don’t. The way you dance is really cute. Or really sexy. It depends,’ she fiddled with the corner of her pillow. I snorted in response. ‘For you, it’s like... it comes so naturally. And then there’s me and I have to put so much effort into trying to look “cute” or “sexy,”’ she quoted the words with her fingers, looking up at the ceiling, ’and then I just mess up the choreo. And get scolded over and over again...’

Tiffany was not the type to complain a lot. If something went wrong, if she didn’t like things the way they were, she acted. To me, she talked about these little things too though, especially when she was drunk. And we definitely have drunk some tonight.

‘Look, Fany, we all have our weak points here and no-one simply gets away with anything when you’re at SM. When you’re a member of SNSD. So, first of all, you shouldn’t feel like you’re being picked on because everyone gets their good amount of scolding each and every time we mess up.’ She was staring at her pillow now. ‘You should know that better after such a long time.

And then, secondly— who is it?’ her phone vibrated and I saw she received a new message.

She quickly opened it and ran through the message with her eyes, then she tucked the phone under her pillow. ‘Not important,’ she shrugged.

‘So, where was I?’ I lost track for a moment. As Tiffany was just about to open her mouth, I remembered. ‘Oh yeah, secondly... honestly, Tiffany, why do you want to force yourself to be something that you aren’t?’

Her eyes quickly darted at me, eyebrows raised high. ‘I’m not—?’

‘Wait. I’m not finished yet,’ I continued, knowing that she’d misunderstand if I didn’t. ‘I don’t know about me but... you are naturally cute and sexy. You don’t have to try to be. You are already,’ I looked into her eyes, trying to convey my sincerity through my gaze. ‘It’ll just make it seem forced if you try too hard. As for me, I don’t worry about that when I’m on stage. All I worry about is giving a good performance because that’s what really matters in the end, right? Everything else should come naturally.’

Tiffany’s lips slowly spread─ 

 A Kim Taeyeon POV. It's interesting actually, because usually Taeyeon is the one having the first crush on Tiffany but this one is different. Tiffany making the first move. TaeNy making out, quite PG-13. I know you'll like it. Read it!


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