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Tiffany broke their eye sex and cleared her throat.
“Ta—Taeyeon kindly get my sandals down stairs please.”
Taeyeon snapped out. “O-ok”
She obediently went down stairs and get Tiffany’s sandals. She heard a sudden knock on the door and opened it.
“Ah hello there, does Hwang Tiffany lives here?”
the guy in polo shirt, holding a bouquet of flowers asked her nicely with a warm smile.
“Sorry dude wrong house.”She slammed the door and almost hit the guy’s face.
The guy thought Tiffany might gave her the wrong address so she called her.
Tiffany went down stairs.
“Fany, here’s your sandal” 
“TaeTae~” Tifany gave her a question look.

The story is about high school blah blah blah falling in love. I mean hello this is TaeNy~ Their relationship is confusing. Tiff push and pulls Taeyeon, giving her mixed signals. An angst story, more on crying rather than fluttering your heart. So I think this is a good to read for those seeking for a masochistic story. BTW Kaisoo also included inside.


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