Monday, October 28, 2013

Juliet & Juliet

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By: PinkSago

          sneak peek                                                  

A few stlls down the street, was a woman whose hair was as red as blood. The was a certain aura that lingered around her, it intrigued Taeyeon. 

A beauty that can rouse heaven from its slumber, she thought.

 The woman's tattered dress fluttered closely behind her as she walked from stall to stall in a grace that could overthrown a real blueblood. She followed the girl with her eyes until she was out of sight.

This is a multi-shot, so just read the story Juliet & Juliet, it has 4 chapters to be exact. BTW I warn you to carry on hand your dictionary, cos the words are in medieval English. Especially for us, non-English by native tongue, you better prepare tissue 'cos the words will make you bleed. But really the story is great actually. It makes you wanna kick bishops! I really hate the rules in past centuries. Good thing we are living our youth today :)


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