Thursday, October 31, 2013

Falling For The Devil

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“I hate you,” she finally muttered, knowing that once again she was not going to get what she wanted from Taeyeon. There was no way Taeyeon would give in when she could prolong the torture for so much longer, the grudge holder that she was.
Taeyeon moved her head forward again at her words, making her suck in a sharp breath as she waited to see what she would do. Tiffany suppressed the disappointment she felt when Taeyeon bypassed her mouth and instead headed for her ear. She was not exactly pleased when she shivered involuntarily at the throaty chuckle Taeyeon released next to it. It made her really hate that her reactions to the other girl were so strong when Taeyeon never gave her the chance to see how she could be affected.
“Oh, you hate me do you? Is that what you really feel? Or is it just because I won’t let you get what you want?” Taeyeon whispered and then kissed the shell of her ear softly before pulling her head back so that they were exchanging gazes again.
“I’m not answering that.”
“It’s okay. You don’t have to. I already know how my fiancée’s mind works,” Taeyeon replied with a sly smile.
“You only think you know,” Tiffany said and Taeyeon nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders.
“I could take the time to prove to you that I do, but fortunately for you, I have a client to meet. I figured I’d brighten your day for a bit before I went.”
“You’re not serious, are you? So you mean to tell me that you came to see me, tried to harm someone, and just did that, all because you wanted to ‘brighten my day’?” Tiffany questioned incredulously.
“Well, the thing with your executive was not planned, but coming to bother you definitely was,” Taeyeon replied. “Bothering you is my hobby, after all.”
Taeyeon sighed resignedly, and then smirked as she said, “And there you go again. Do you need a repeat performance of just now? I’m sure you won’t like the state you’d be left in if I did it, but I won’t mind it a bit. I can make it quick.”
Tiffany stared at Taeyeon blankly, unsure if she was joking or being completely serious about a reenactment. Maybe she would not like the state she would be in afterwards, but at the moment, her mind was still hazed with lust. It did not help that Taeyeon’s shirt was still open or that she suddenly became aware of how the tips of her fingers had managed to partially slip under the cottony fabric, touching the silken skin near the base of Taeyeon’s neck.
Hmm… Well, maybe it wouldn’t hurt. I mean, if she−wait, what am I thinking? She’ll use this against me. Darn mini-devil. No, I need her to go. I have work to do and I can’t be thinking about how I want to… damn it. Just don’t think about it, Tiffany. Why did you ever tell her you weren’t attracted to her when you so clearly are?
“Pervert, move,” Tiffany commanded, not wanting to dwell any longer on her thoughts.

HAHAHAHA!! Since this is just a fic I mean, do parents really set a fix marriage with the same gender? I mean it's not impossible right? But I haven't heard of it, YET. That's why it sound funny to me. Story like this seems like the society they are living in is just cool with any gender you date/marry, actually it's cool. Love is Love. It's a nice plot really, Taeyeon is so fuckin' evil cute~ :) w/ a bit YulSic BTW :)


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