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Taengoo Pukes Rainbow

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Well I strongly think and feel that TaeYeon is somewhat bi/gay. Not because I see it in some TaeNy moments or how boyish she acts. She pings me because I can feel it using my gaydar(though I'm not good as the others but if you have this, you can feel it too).

Well, MOSTLY, people stereotype people being gay by their actions─which is mostly true and of course some are NOT. The 1st sensing is that the person acts boyish, right?

But not all girls who acts boyish are gay. I have a classmate in high school who acts so boyish in class yet secretly very flirty with the boys (She had so many boyfie way back in high school even though she acts boyish). AND currently, this classmate(girl) of mine, walks like a back-off-people-the-sergeant-is-coming-through and yet she really really really likes boys and date them.

See?! Not all people who acts boyish are GAYYYYY~
(not all but I mean people are not the same so it's like shit)


If not having the feeling that Taengoo might be a rainbow farting idol. These are some basis that she might be OR is actually bi/gay (without TaeNy shipping bias).

Here's the vid :)

[read full interview here]
CeCiGirls’ Generation’s glue-like teamwork doesn’t seem exaggerated for some reason. Why do you think it is?
Taeyeon: First of all, you can’t ignore the power of time. Jessica, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, and Yuri have been trainees together since elementary school, so they’ve been friends for over 12 years. Because of this, the feeling of being like sisters is stronger than that of being colleagues. We know each other really well, so we don’t do things we don’t like. Ah, there are times when we do things on purpose that another doesn’t like as a joke. (laughs) That we’re not as feminine as you think also plays a role. When we’re gathered together, we’re really like mischievous neighborhood kids.
CeCiWho is the most playful?
Taeyeon: The one who is boyish, unlike how she looks, is Sunny. I’m not that girly either. Yoona is totally the ‘biggest kid’. Everyone’s really number 1 when it comes to being cheerful. (CeCi: Is the most feminine member, as expected, Seohyun?) Seohyun and Jessica!
CeCi‘Easy-going’, ‘smart’, ‘easily feels lonely’, ‘audacious’… These are the modifiers that come to mind when thinking of Taeyeon. What kind of modifier do you want to give yourself?
Taeyeon: A person ‘with a twist’. People think I have a cute and bright personality, but I’m actually not really ‘hyperactive’. Unless it’s a really fun occasion, there aren’t really any reasons for me to get in a ‘hyper’ mood. While I like doing my own nails or doodling with colored pencils by myself in my room, there’s a twist in me liking sports cars ‘too much’. I also like the smell of androgynous, men’s cologne more than women’s floral perfumes.
CeCiYou must like drives that are a little speedy.
Taeyeon: I like driving quite a bit. But I’m bad with directions. Isn’t this a twist as well? (laughs) So I like driving down the freeway when I go home to Jeonju the most, since I just need to go straight. I often go when I have time. I went not too long ago.

and now let's talk about RUMORS :)
[basically not mine I just read this]
This rumor came from a sasaeng fan during TaeYeon's predebut.

There is an insider joke among netizens about TaeYeon's habit of sleeping around with certain "unnies". The rumor actually widespread since it came from TaeYeon's stans(stalker fans) who love to gossip around (yes even before the debut TaeYeon and HyoYeon is the most popular trainee who already have loyal fan base and fans follow her everywhere). I remember about someone mention something like this = reading korean comments on some articles someone left on. it was "How does Taeyeon find time to do all this work while sleeping with all those older women?" and a lot of people replied to it with laughter. it just seemed like an inside joke amongst K-netizens with a weirdly specific reference and all the replies seemed to know what they were referring to. 
 Did I said there's no TaeNy shipping bias? kkkkk well yeah, I'm just advertising them and giving an English translation to this magazine. Just click the image or click here :D 

I'm not to judge her sexuality but this is just my opinion and what I feel. I just want to share what I got and what I think...AND besides it's impossible not to have even one rainbow unicorn out of nine members. Just saying though... IT'S IN THE FEELSSSSSSS~ WHEN YOU HAVE THAT BIG FEELS. YOU CAN JUST FEEL IT. FEEL IT~~~~

If not. You may wanna ask your gay friends who have good gaydars.



Anonymous said...

I really like your blog :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, I think Taeyeon is bi/gay, TAEYEON is my bias as well :D , sorry for my bad english !

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, there was some things I hadn't ever read. But as a gay person, I'm gonna say yes. For me Taeyeon is gay, like you said previously, it's a feeling, I felt it the first time I saw her, same for Yuri by the way .. There are some "signs" like she has a lot of relationship with guys AS brothers, her mysterious relationship with Tiffany (their story's cute by the way), her boyish behavior etc .. But, it's sad to said that I don't think she'll come out, because she's an idol and all that stuff .. This really sucks and as a Taeyeon's fan I just want her to be happy ! So I hope she really is, or gonna be .. God job for this post ^^

lovesoshisgirls said...

I'm bi and my boyfriend tell me that Taeyeon looks like a boy because of her appearance on the fifth album (IGAB). But in my opinion, I also think that Taeyeon is bi or gay then. And if it is, I would be very proud of her. She is a great singer and has a big heart.
But unfortunately I do not think she'll ever be able to come out if she is gay or even bi. The Korea is homophobic and still has old ideas and therefore it is likely that she will marry in the future, but it sure will be an arranged marriage. Even her being bi / gay or even straight.
One way or another, I just want her to be happy!

alyssa guinchoma said...

me too :) i think she is <3 the way she treated tiffany is so manly kekeke ^^

Unknown said...

ahaha no words I love this blog.
Taeyeon has ALWAYS blown my gaydar to bits, a flashing red every time she's all possessive of Tiffany. But what can I say, the delulu heteros with no gayday are left in the dark.

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