Wednesday, April 24, 2013

TaeNy Sleeping Together

Butts Posted by SoshiBUTTS at 2:02 AM
 This is not mine I just read this so the story goes like this...

Tiffany went to chat with the international S♥NEs at SOSHIFIED and one of the fans asked her "Any of the member next to you?", which she answered with "Just TY" then all of a sudden she added "TY is in her room" which confused S♥NEs and they asked again "Are you in TY's room?!" then came another reply "hahaha no sillys! I am not in TY's room!"
Then she said "I'm running outta batteries I'll be back soon so don't worry love you all"

So one S♥NE made this and it made perfect sense.

She said TaeYeon is beside her but quickly covered it with TaeYeon is in her own room which made sones confused/suspicious about it and they were asking her if she's in her room. LOL I was laughing so hard that time, she seemed to be in panic when she typed those and said goodbye after, just to leave the topic XD

This chat happened during 2011 and they were really clingy during this era.

When I saw this I was like...
 KyAhhhAHahaHAHA!! TaeNy is LOVE♥


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