Tuesday, January 14, 2014

To You

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This is my chance, to get closer to my 9 yoshin eonnis. She gulped.

She bravely took a step forward and raised her right hand. “I…”

She took a deep breath before continuing her words.

“I am willing to sacrifice my life for our 9 goddesses. I don’t care what piece of crap I may know about them in the near future!”

Sones’ whispers roared as they looked at Yenri stating her speech in front, bravely. They were astounded by her words.

“For better or for worse, I, Cheong Yenri, an 8th grader , is willing to do anything to protect our girls at any cost!”

The founder was amused by her bravery, she smirked. – Now she wanted to test her wisdom. “Well, if you truly are a true dedicated-passionate-Sone. And if you truly care and love our girls, then show your worth.” She said it in a daring tone.

Yenri frowned her brows and gulped hard.

“I LOVE SONYEO SHIDAE! I DON’T GIVE A CRAP OUT OF THOSE WHO HATE THEM AND CALL THEM UGLY SLUTS BECAUSE I KNOW THEY AREN’T AND THEY WILL ALWAYS BE PRETTY IN MY SONE EYES!” She grabbed her backpack and opened it. “YOSHIN EONNI THIS IS THE SIGN OF MY LOVE FOR YOU!!!” She took out the cutter inside her bag and cut her wrist. The blood oozed, dripping from her skin down to the floor as she raised her left hand – proudly. “SOSHI SARANGHAE!!!”

Sones gasped of what they just saw. They murmured loudly and some where cussing in disbelief. Their faces were in horror and disgusted of what she just did.

“What!??” Yenri raised her right brow and looked at them with a question face – totally confused.

The founder shook her head in disbelief. Her expectation of the girl was almost there but she lost it. She sighed. “I’m sorry but I can’t accept you to be an admin in this fandom.”

“W-what?!” She was shocked and more confused. She did what is to be done. She made a blood pact in front of her fellow Sones – To love her 9 goddesses. And what did she get? – She was rejected to be an admin. “But I showed to you my sincerity and love for THEM! I’m totally serious to every word I said! I promise to love them ‘till the end! Why a I not accepted?!” She frowned in frustration.

"You don't get it, do you?” The founder sighed.

“W-WHAT?! Why?! I still don’t understand!”

“Have you read our number 1 rule? – Cutting of wrist or any blood pact is a taboo. To be honest, it’s the cheapest way to show your love for them. Don’t you ever imitate other fangirls in other fandoms ‘cos they are sick!”

A Taeyeon fangirl feels :)


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