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Taengoo's 100 Q&A (2005)

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Story1# 신상명세
Story1# Personal Details

01. 이름ː김태연
01. Name: Kim Taeyeon

02. 생년월일/별자리ː1989. 3. 9. 물고기자리+_+
02. Birthdate/Star sign: 1989 March 9th, Pisces +_+

03. 혈액형ː잘모르겠어요ㅠ
03. Blood type: I don’t really knowㅠ

04. 키ː더클게요^^
04. Height: I’ll grow more^^

05. 몸무게ː더뺄게요^^
05. Weight: I’ll lose more^^

06. 가족관계ː아빠. 엄마. 오빠. 여동생. 체리
06. Family: Dad.Mom.Older brother.Younger sister.Cherry
{Cherry is their family dog. She has a habit of wriggling in between Taeyeon and her mom when they are lying down somewhere to talk}

07. 종교ː무교 ^ ^
07. Religion: No religion ^ ^

08. 별명ː때댁. 때때. Erika ㅋ
08. Nickname: Taedeck. Taetae. Erika ㅋ
{The 때 is actually pronounced ‘ddae’ for those who can pronounce the syllable. Historically, however, popular translations for this has been ‘tae’. Culturally, ‘ddae’ is actually a cuter/aegyo version of ‘tae’ because small children pronounce ‘tae’ like this}

09. 성격ː 음……..소심….발랄..
09. Personality: Um……..shy….outgoing..

Story2# 취향
Story2# Taste

01. 좋아하는 음식ː다 좋아요 ^ ^
01. Favourite food: I like everything ^ ^

02. 감동받은 영화ː간큰가족 !
02. Film that moved you: A Bold Family !

03. 좋아하는 날씨ː비오는날 !
03. Favourite weather: Rainy day!

04. 좋아하는 연예인ːFly to the sky, 타블로..
04. Favourite celebrity: Fly to the sky, Tablo..

05. 좋아하는 계절은ː겨울 ^ ^ ~
05. Favourite season: Winter ^ ^ ~

06. 좋아하는 노래ː귀에 앵기는 노래 ㅋ
06. Favourite song: Songs that embrace your ears ㅋ
{앵기 is a rarely used Korean word with two possible meanings. First, is a dialect version and we know Taeyeon can speak the Southern dialect since she grew up there, which means ‘to throw oneself into X’s arms’ or to ‘embrace’. The second is a Seoul expletive meaning ‘beat the crap out of’}

07. 좋아하는 게임ː롤코+_+☆!!
07. Favourite Game: Rollercoaster Tycoon +_+☆!!

Story3# 복합
Story3# Complexes

01. 컴플렉스ː오른쪽엄지발톱 ㅠ_ㅠ.. A Fo ~
01. Complex: Big toenail on my right foot ㅠ_ㅠ.. A Fo ~
{Korea has this cute over-exaggeration of P into F, like ‘oppa’ becoming ‘offa’. Here, she is saying 아포 ‘apo’, a cute way of saying 아파 ‘apa’ meaning, ‘it hurts’… but is replacing the P with an F also}

02. 핸드폰 액정에 쓰여 있는 것ː예뻐지자구★
02. Written on my phone screen: Let’s get prettier★
{Also ‘I said, “Let’s become pretty” where a ‘together’ is implied at the end of the sentence}

03. 하루에 보내는 문자 수ː40개이상 80개이하
03. How many text messages you send per day: At least 40, at most 80.

04. 내가 가지고 있는 향수ː안나수이, 파코라반
04. Perfumes I own: Anna Sui, Paco Rabanne

05. 한달용돈ː그때그때… 다르죠..
05. Monthly allowance: It’s different… from time to time..

06. 내 스스로가 한심할 때ː배부르게 먹었을때..
06. When you feel unworthy: When I eat so much that I am full ..

07. 핸드폰 번호ː010 - 힝힝홍행 - 헝힝홍훙
07. Phone number: 010 - blah blah bleh blo - bleh blo blah blah

08. 내 자신에 점수를 매긴다면ː글쎄요 ㅠ_ㅠ….
08. If I were to rate myself: Well ㅠ_ㅠ ….

Story4# 사랑
Story4# Love

01. 첫사랑ː 아직 없었어요’~’
01. First love: I haven’t had one yet ‘~’

02. 좋아하는사람ː없어요’~’
02. Who I like: Nobody ‘~’

03. 사귀는 사람ː없답니다 ‘~’
03. Who I date: There is no-one ‘~’

04. 이상형ː유머, 적극적, 귀여움, 때론 진지함, 흐흣~
04. Ideal type: Funny, forward, cute, serious at times, hehe~
{‘Forward’ can be seen as positive, not necessarily optimistic but someone who is pro-active and is a go-getter}

05. 첫눈에반하는사랑ː오잉?
05. Someone you fell in love with at first sight: Huh?

06. 사랑&우정ː음…우정
06. Love&Friendship: Umm…friendship

07. 내가사랑하는사람&나를 사랑하는ː체리 / 체리
07. Who I love&Who loves me: Cherry/ Cherry
{Taeyeon has changed the question from ‘Someone I love vs Someone who loves me’}

08. 좋아하는사람이제일보고싶을때ː 비올때. 할일없을때.
08. When you miss the person you love the most: When it rains. When I have nothing to do.

09. 이성을볼때제일따지는부분ː전체적인거!
09. What you look at first in a guy: Entirety!

10. 사랑이란ː어려운것.
10. Love is: a difficult thing.

Story5# 무제
Story5# Untitled

01. 가장 기억에 남는 꿈ː내가 날아다니는꿈+_+ 호호
01. Most memorable dream: Dreams when I’m flying +_+ hoho
{A common Korean superstition is that kids are going through a growth spurt whenever they have dreams of flying or falling… so… Taeyeon must be happy when she is dreaming this because she thinks she is having a growth spurt}

02. 이성이 제일 싫을 때ː유치할때.
02. When you hate guys the most: When they’re being childish.

03. 존경하는 사람ː어머니♡
03. Person you look up to the most: Mother♡

04. 요즘 많이 가는 단골집ː 버블티!!
04. Eaterie you visit most often recently: Bubble Tea!

05. 요즘 즐겨 입는 옷 브랜드ːtbj
05. Clothing brand you currently wear the most: tbj

06. 사귄지 100일째 되는 날 해주고 싶은 것ː 알면서…….
06. Something you want to do on the 100 day anniversary of a relationship: You know {so why are you asking}…….
{This phrase is almost coy, in how it’s phrased]

07. 진정한 친구는 몇 명ː3명..4명인가?…
07. Number of genuine friends: 3.. 4 people?…

08. 내 평생 최대의 거짓말ː거짓말 잘 못해요 ㅋㅋ 막웃음나와서ㅠ
08. Biggest lie I’ve ever told: I can’t lie very well ㅋㅋ I end up laughing ㅠ

09. 현재 헤어 스타일ː머리띠 착용^^ ㅋ
09. Current hairstyle: Now with a hairband ^^ ㅋ

10. 이상적으로 생각하는 고백 장면ː그냥 솔직하게, 진지하게 ^^
10. What you imagine a perfect love confession would be like: Just honestly, seriously ^^

Story6# 사랑
Story6# Love

01. 누군가를 사귈 때 좋은 점ː설레임이있다 ^ㅡ^
01. Best part of dating someone: Pleasant nervousness ^ㅡ^

02. 누군가를 사귈 때 나쁜 점ː친구들과의 시간이 적어질듯..
02. Worst part of dating someone: I think you would have less time to spend with friends..

03. 연상 or 연하 or 갑ː 연상>동갑>연하
03. Older or Younger or Same Age: Older>Same Age>Younger

04. 좋아하는 이성에게 받고 싶은 것ː알면서……….!
04. Something you would like to receive from a guy you like: You know {so why are you asking……….!
{This phrase sounds very coy, in how it’s phrased, it’s almost like ‘don’t make me say it with my own mouth’]

05. 좋아하는 이성한테 선물하고 싶은 향수ː우리아빠가 쓰는거.
05. Fragrance you would like to give a guy as a gift: What my daddy uses.

06. 누군가를 좋아하게 되면 제일 먼저 하는 것ː그사람생각하기♥
06. First thing I do when I start liking someone: Think about that person ♥

07. 내가 생각하는 이상적인 연인상ː글쎄요ㅠ.. 생각안해봤는데요ㅠ
07. My ideal lover: I don’t knowㅠ.. I’ve never thought about itㅠ

08. 연애대상하고 결혼대상의 차이점ː 연애대상은 손.. 결혼대상은 어깨동무..
08. Difference between a potential lover and a potential husband: Lovers hold hands.. spouses put their arms over each others’ shoulders.

09. 날 진정으로 사랑하는 사람에게 해주고 싶은 말ː완전사랑합니다♥
09. Something I want to say to someone who genuinely loves me: I love you completely ♥

10. 좋아하는 사람에게 들려주고 싶은 노래ːcause U 하하 ㅋ
10. A song I want someone I love to listen to: cause U haha ㅋ

Story7# 과거
Story7# Past

01. 나를 좋아한다고 말한 이성은 모두 몇 명ː이런…. 손가락이 모자라네…………..이래ㅋ
01. How many guys have said they like you: Oh dear…. I don’t have enough fingers to count…………..I’m like this ㅋ

02. 내가 고백했던 이성은 모두 몇 명ː고백안해봤어요^^
02. How many guys I have confessed to: I haven’t confessed before ^^

03. 제일 처음 알콜에 손을 댄 때ː초딩때부모님께 ^ㅡ’ ~
03. First time you tasted alcohol: From my parents during elementary school ^ㅡ’ ~

04. 제일 많이 울어봤던 기억ː가슴아프고 목이매여서..그냥..외로워서..
04. Time you remember crying the most: Until my chest hurt and by throat was dry..just..because.. I was lonely..

05. 가장 기억에 남는 여행ː오빠빼고 제주도 갔던거^^
05. Most memorable vacation: Going to Jeju island without Oppa ^^

06. 힘들 때 가장 힘이 되었던 위로ː엄마의 문자. 여러 님들의 좋은말씀..
06. What comforted you the most when things were too much: Mom’s text messages. Various great peoples’ comforting words..

07. 지금 후회하고 있는 것ː배부르게 먹은거..
07. What are you regretting now: Eating so much that I’m full..

Story8# 어떤 것
Story8# Things

01. 좋아하는 것ː차.보라색.파란색.비.음악.폰.웃음.별.밤.한강.차가운거.Drive
01. Favourite things; Car/Tea.Blue.Purple.Rain.Music.Phone.Laughter.Stars.Night.Han River.Cold things.Going on drives
{While the word for ‘automobile’ is distinct, the word for ‘car’ and ‘tea’ are exactly the same when written down and pronounced. This can only be distinguished in context. Given one of her later answers, we may assume that she means ‘car’}

02. 싫어하는 것ː자는데깨우는거.더운거.곤충.학교.에어컨끄는사람.심한장난
02. Things I hate: Being woken up.Hot things.Insects.School.Anyone who switches off the aircon.Taking jokes too far

03. 지금 몸에 걸치고 있는 것ː분홍색 티. 체크반바지 -ㅠ-ㅋ
03. What are you wearing: Pink t-shirt. Checkered shorts -ㅠ-ㅋ

04. 내가 살고 싶은 집ː모기가없는집♡
04. House I want to live in: A house without mosquitos ♡

05. 보물 1호ː나♡
05. Greatest treasure: Me♡

06. 좌우명ː후회할 행동은 하지말자..
06. Life motto: Don’t do anything you will regret..

07. 사람들에게 제일 많이 받는 질문ː어디야? 모해?
07. Thing that people ask you the most: Where are you? What are you up to?

08. 지금 당장 너무 갖고 싶은 것ː 차 ㅠ
08. What you want to have the most: Car ㅠ
{As above, while the word for ‘automobile’ is distinct, the word for ‘car’ and ‘tea’ are exactly the same when written down and pronounced. This can only be distinguished in context. However, in Korean, tea is usually requested in some unit of measure whereas a car can be more non-specific. The assumption is made then, that she means ‘car’}

09. 내 외모 중 가장 맘에 드는 부분ː눈 ㅠ
09. Part of my appearance I like the most: My eyes

Story9# 양자택일
Story9# This or That

01. 담배 피는 이성 싫다/좋다ː약간싫다.
01. Like/Dislike a smoking guy: Slight dislike.

02. 결혼할 때 부모님이 결혼을 반대한다면 헤어진다/도망간다ː도망은가지않는다..
02. Parents disapprove of who you want to marry. Break up/Run away: I would not run away..

03. 자신의 과거를 떳떳이 밝히는게 좋다/싫다ː안좋은과거는 밝힐필요없다고생각해요^^
03. Like/Dislike confidently talking about the past: I don’t think there’s a need to talk about bad parts of your past ^^

04. 나는 사귀다 헤어진 사람과 친구로 지낸다/못지낸다ː지낼수있어요^^
04. I can/can’t stay friends with someone I used to date: I can ^^

05. 나는 남자/여자라서 만족한다/불만이다ː나는 여자라서 불만이야 ㅠ
05. I am satisfied/dissatisfied with being a boy/girl: I’m dissatisfied with being a girl ㅠ
{Also, “I’m dissatisfied with being a woman”}

06. 좋아하는 사람에게 차이면 화낸다/운다ː화내다 울듯 하하.
06. 좋아하는 사람에게 차이면 화낸다/운다ːProbably angry first then cry haha.

07. 나는 외모/성격이 좋은 사람이 되고 싶다ː나는 진정으로 성격이좋은사람이 되고싶다.
07. I want to be beautiful inside/outside: I truly want to be someone beautiful inside.

Story10# 미래
Story10# Future

01. 장래희망ː멋진 가수요^ㅠ^
01. Future dream: Amazing singer ^ㅠ^

02. 타임머신이 있다면 가보고 싶은 연도ː1998, 2002
02. When would you visit if you had a time machine: 1998, 2002

03. 하루동안 투명인간이 된다면ː오예ㅋ 흐흐흐 ㅋ
03. If you were invisible for a day: Oh yeah ㅋ muhaha ㅋ
{흐흐흐 is phonetically ‘heu heu heu’ but is a particular kind of laugh reserved for something sinister/evil, hence the translation}

04. 미래 자신의 아이에게 지어주고 싶은 이름ː태자.
04. Name you want for your future child: Taeja

05. 유학을 간다면 어느 나라로ː영국.
05. Which country to be an exchange student in: England

06. 내일 하루 당신의 일정은ː1시에 버스타고..5시에 약속..그이후 시험공부ㅠ_ㅠ!!
06. Your plans for tomorrow: Take a bus at 1pm.. meet someone at 5pm.. after that is exam revision ㅠ_ㅠ!!

07. 가고싶은 학교ː호그와트
07. School you wish to attend: Hogwarts
{Taeyeon has changed the question from “University you wish to attend”}

08. 100문 100답을 쓴다면 만들고 싶은 질문 ː소세지좋아해?
08. Question you want to add to 100Q100A: Do you like sausages?

09. 앞으로의 계획ː연습.운동.공부.인간관계. 등등 열심히 해야죠^ㅡ^*
09. Future plans: Train.Exercise.Study.Social skills. etc etc I need to do all of these things well ^ㅡ^*
{The word for practice is used to cover “training” when used in the context of entertainment agency trainees)

Story11# SM Ent.연습생 카페
Story11# SM Ent. Trainee Fanclub

01.팬분들에게 한마디~!!
01. Say something to fans~!!

알러뷰쏘머취. ♥
그대는 어떤가요?…
Al leo byu so meo chi. ♥
What about you?…
(Phonetic Hangul for “I love you so much”)


01. 컴플렉스ː오른쪽엄지발톱 ㅠ_ㅠ.. A Fo ~
01. Complex: Big toenail on my right foot ㅠ_ㅠ.. A Fo ~

Kim Toeyeon forever injured :(

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