Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shawols & Sones have been found to hack the voting system for GDA

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SHINee and SNSD's fans was found to be using underhand means to vote for their idols under <<Golden Disk Awards>> Popularity Award!

SHINee and SNSD fans violated the rules and regulations of the voting system, in order to increase the percentage of their respective beloved idols under 'Popularity Award'

On the 14th January, one of the Korea's forum opened a page regarding 'Golden Disk Awards Popularity Award Unlimited Voting tutorial'
In the article, it taught the fans how to use the computer to unlimited voting for their idols, and screenshot it to spread the tutorial on voting to overseas fans.

The screenshot was spread on the 7th January until the 10th. There were a lot of questions and answers left on the forum in regarding how to vote, which amounted to over a hundred. 

<<GOLDEN DISK AWARDS>> personnel has revealed that they have caught the fans who were found to twerk the voting system: 
"As of the 12th January, using computer's program to interrupt the voting system, there are 24 fans from SHINee World, and 21 of SNSD's fans who used underhand means to vote, the votes that were in violation has been deemed as invalid votes.

As such, 0.08% of SHINee's votes will go to SNSD's votes.
The fans' behavior will often reflect on the idols, violating the regulation in interrupting the voting system not only will it damage the idol's reputation, but also authenticity of the ceremony will be questioned by many netizens.

The 28th Golden Disk Awards will still be continued to be held at Kyung Hee University in Seoul Peace Palace

Source: Mnet
Eng trans: kimkeysemily

SONES why so desperate on winning by cheating??? Why oh why?
I'm so frustrated right now...


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