Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sica's fangirls

Butts Posted by SoshiBUTTS at 11:48 PM
Other girls think that girls like Soshi because they like their music or just wanted to copy/imitate their fashion and cuteness for them to attract guys.
You might not agree to this but you don't have any idea how many girls are gay for JESSICA or the other Soshi members ;)

“Lesbians’ Top 10 Female Celebrity Choice”
 This was from a magazine published by Yonsei University's LGBT club called "Come Together".
They are "Korea's first campus association for gay college students".
SNSD Jessica #1 in the survey.

During Jessica Stonehenge fansign event (2013.12.01), there was a girl 'proposed' to Jessica by giving her a ring pop and started singing. Then the bodyguards stopped her, and the girl moved on. [source]

If you look at Jessica's Weibo gender followers - 70% are GIRLS 


sara lahrech said...

Im a certified jessbian now ! i can see my self doing all this stuf i met her!

Anonymous said...

the 1st girl
girl was singing and then went "will you marry me?" with ring pop
and then jessica accepted it and her heart fluttered she looked so happy 

the 2nd girl
girl "will you marry me?" and then jessica accepted by happiness and she looked really happy

the 3rd girl
a girl gave her marriage contract wanting her to be her husband and asked her to sign it

the 4th girl
a girl gave her bouquet with cheesy words,

Jessica always looks happy everytime getting something from girls
She herself likes girls so..

Anonymous said...

She also was on the top in other lesbian survey and no 5 in LGBT daum fancafe

Tiffany's bitch said...

This is so hilarious, considering Korea's hesitance to gays, and they all out there like fuck it we're gay for the national girl groups vocalist.

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