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Call Me Maybe

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by: Donkatsu

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“I… err… I’m Taeyeon. K-kim Taeyeon.”
“K-kim Taeyeon?” The girl repeated the stutter and laughed. She extended her hand. “I’m H-hwang Tiffany.”
She had to smile when she heard the laugh and the cute teasing. She shakily shook the hand.
“Nice to meet you K-kim Taeyeon.” The hand was withdrawn. “How can I help you?”
“Um…” She racked her brain, suddenly realizing that she hadn’t thought this through at all. Oh crap! What should I do now? She ran her fingers nervously through her hair and saw the friends now glaring at her, ready to tell her to go away any second.
She panicked. Her hands went into her pocket. She touched paper, a receipt from the drink she had bought earlier that she had absentmindedly stuffed in there with her change. A crazy thought flashed through her mind. “Err… do you happen to have a pen?”
“A pen?” The girl was surprised.
“Y-yeah.” She blushed again.
“I don’t but…” She looked at her friends. “Any of you have a pen?” She then looked at her friend who was carrying a bag. “I know you always carry around at least one of your colorful pens, Hyo.”
The friend hesitantly reached into her bag, taking out a purple pen. “It’s my favorite purple pen. Don’t lose it.” She gave it to her friend although her eyes were still scrutinizing the fidgety stranger.
“Thanks.” The girl turned to face her again and handed the pen. “Here but please make sure you return it to my friend.”
“S-sure. Just a sec.” She took it and pulled out the paper from her pocket. She ignored the voice in her head, screaming at her to not do what she was about to do. She scribbled her number on the paper and folded it. She gripped it in her palm, losing courage. She returned the pen to the girl. “T-thank you.”
The girl raised her eyebrows, clearly confused by what just happened. “Okay then.” She returned the pen to her friend who was just as confused as she was. “Well, bye then.” She waved and started walking away with her friends who were already whispering and murmuring in low voices while stealing glances at the frozen stranger gripping a piece of paper in her hand.
Chicken! This chance might not come again! Just do it! Her brain had clearly changed its mind about this. Or was that her heart talking?
She took a deep breath, spun around and ran again, chasing the girl. “Hey!”
The girl halted her steps when she was once more stopped in her tracks.
“What do you want now?” One of the friends finally snapped.
She bowed to the friend, silently apologizing for her weird behavior. She then faced the girl now tilting her head with brows furrowed and lips slightly pouting. She saw the dimple and gulped. “I know I just met you and this is crazy…” Her hands shook when she lifted it to give the girl the paper. “But here’s my number. C-call me? Maybe?”

This story is good for the heart if you want experience curling your fingers 'cos this fic is all fluff~


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