Saturday, September 21, 2013

Looking For Angels

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by: Pandine (Pandai and .NINE)

      sneak peek                                              
A panel of cherry blossoms lined the winded pathway by the western outskirts of Gyeonju. Petals of enchanting bliss enraptured the quiescent space as it softly cascaded down to where a girl sat on a park bench. Falling, the shapes of heavenly blush whirled around in small spirals as the spring breeze danced with them to an exultant ballad. Zephyrs filled with the scent of distant memories embraced the girl and brought her to a sense of endless wistfulness. With the sun's euphoric rays seeping through the foliage of the trees, the radiating warmth of the serenading sunlight sent a smile to scamper across her lips.

Taeyeon was brought here again, always in this very place, always during early evening, and always at a specific day; trying to look for angels.

A blithe giggle chimed from her left, and she gently swayed her head to the direction of the spirited laugh. Smiling, Taeyeon watched as a little girl pedaled her way across the cemented path with her pink bicycle. Hair swaying along side the early evening breeze, Taeyeon couldn't help but to reminisce to that particular day when she first met her...

My ghad! Where do I begin? Fuck fuckerer fuckerest if there is such a word, Tiffany died end of story! Seriously who could have not be dead diagnosed with Leukemia on stage I dunno~ such an angsty story it made me feel like zombiefied going to school without emotions. Sorry for spoiling the story, you should try reading dying stories rather than just being happy all the time.


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