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[TaeNy] A Story of TY's Pre-debut

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A story of Taeyeon before her debut as a SM Trainee

Before debut, both Taeyeon and Tiffany were SM trainees thus they go in and out of the SMEnt Building frequently.

There is this TaeYeon’s fan who would often go over to the SM company to watch TaeYeon (trainee).

One day, TaeYeon and Tiffany were making there way out of the building (probably after their training).

TaeYeon’s fan ran over to ask for TaeYeon’s signature.

Instead (of signing immediately), TaeYeon pulled the fan aside and whispered softly to the fan.

“Unnie.. My friend together with me is called Tiffany, she is a SM trainee too..”

“After I have given you my autograph, you won’t mind asking for Tiffany’s signature too right?”

Why did she do that?

If Taeyeon is the only one giving her autograph, Tiffany would be hurt.

She was worried that Tiffany, who had just arrived in Korea a few months back, would be hurt.

Thus, TaeYeon politely asked for her fan to help her out.

After her words, the fan understood and asked for TaeNy’s autographs.

TaeYeon, the kind and warm Soshi leader.

Always looking out for Tiffany, it has been like that since their pre-debut days, and this is also why we love the warm relationship between the two of you (TaeNy)
Source : 火树银花 , cr:  床单 @
English Translations by qiz_onli@soshified taeny thread
If you want to see the Korean/Chinese/English trans :
cr: avabianca@twitter , im0jewel@twitter


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