Sunday, September 22, 2013

Road Trip

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by: Stephan
               sneak peek                                                       

Taeyeon gulped the last of her water before throwing the bottle in a plastic bag by her foot, full and satisfied with her simple dinner.
She watched as the biker did the same, dusting her hands as she placed the last bite of her sandwich in her mouth.
Before Taeyeon left the confines of her apartment, she prepared some food and drinks for the trip, and she thanked her ahjumma qualities for that because at least she had something to snack on now that she was stranded.
With a beautiful, mysterious biker girl nonetheless.
The sun had already set a few hours ago and still there were no signs of other vehicles, much to Taeyeon’s disappointment, but she was somehow glad that she wasn’t alone.
Comfortable silence surrounded them, and it felt nice, Taeyeon thought, because the night sky was clear and the stars were pretty to look at.
“So what’s your story?”
The question made her turn towards the other.
Up until now, even after spending hours together, Taeyeon still couldn’t fathom how this rebellious looking girl still resembled the grace and attitude of a princess. She didn’t want to judge, but this stranger was just so… judge-able.
“You’re staring again.”
“I’m sorry, I just…” Taeyeon shook her head in amazement, earning her a cute giggle. “You’re really pretty, do you know that?”
Biker girl smiled and shrugged, and her nonchalance was another thing that Taeyeon liked about her.
“So, will the stranger ever tell me her story?”

A heart warming fluffy story of TaeNy being fixed marriage by their parents. You know what's weird, they are both girls. It's like their parents are just cool with it. Its funny because I never heard of being fixed marriage with the same gender.


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