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by: Donkatsu
                sneak peak                                                        

Taeyeon approached Tiffany again. “Am I spoiled?” “I told you, no you’re not. I never said you were spoiled,” she insisted. “The only people I called spoiled are those rich students who own that coff-…” It hit her. “Oh crap.”
Taeyeon laughed. “Now you remember calling me spoiled?”
Dammit! No wonder those waiters were so polite to us all of a sudden! “But you said that you’ve never been there before!”
“That’s true. I only invested. My friends got it off the ground. I haven’t had the time to check the final result yet,” Taeyeon explained. “I thought you should know since we’re being honest and all. I don’t want you to find out from someone else and then dislike me for it.”
“I don’t dislike you.”
“I know. And I’m preventing you from doing so in the future.” Taeyeon hesitated for a second, looking at Tiffany’s embarrassed and guilty expression. She found it very cute so she decided to throw caution to the wind just this one time. “Forgive me for doing this.”
“Doing wha-…” She froze when she felt the kiss on her cheek.
Taeyeon’s face was just as red as Tiffany’s.
“I can’t resist. You’re just… irresistible.”
She heard Taeyeon whisper and it made her shudder.
“See you Friday.” Taeyeon walked away speedily, embarrassed by what she had just done.
“F-fri… yeah… okay.”

What can I say more? People this The Great Donkatsu! She's very famous for writing TaeNy fics just to let you know~ ;) This story is about setting rules in a relationship, of course when you're already in a relationship everything changes. Things getting rough especially when your relationship is long distance and of course the hardship of a same gender relationship. Blah blah blah you read it. I swear this is good.


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