Wednesday, November 20, 2013

TTS ELLE Magazine - Lettery of Angels

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Seohyun — We spent a short, but happy time with our lovable Eun-yi~ I won’t forget this precious relationship~ Grow up to be pretty, healthy, and more admirably than your unnies~! I love you
Taeyeon — Soft, pretty, and cute Eun-yi~ It was fun meeting you today. Continue to grow healthy. Grow up to be even more prettier than Girls’ Generation unnies. I love you

Tiffany — Dear Eun-yi. Grow up to be pretty, healthy, and brightly, and meet your unnies again. Always pray

(text on the bottom right) — Young angels waiting to be adopted, after being separated from adolescent ‘single parents’ who were not able to stand on their own, met with 10 of this generation’s hottest idol teams. The reason why photographer Jo Sehyun called for these angels to stand in front of the camera was to open people’s eyes to the value of life, and show that there are things that need our warm attention. Jo Sehyun’s eleventh ‘Angels’ Letters’ story, headed with an ‘innocent’ theme, similar to that of idols’ eyes, will be exhibited early through ‘Elle'. 

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