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Taeyeon's Celebirty Fangirls

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→ Adores Taeyeon in her radio Maybee’s Volume Up, and says she wants to see her.

[Maybee's radio previewA desperate messege from Maybee]

March 31st (Mon) ~ Cry no more!! 
With surprise guest SNSD's TY!

But...I just heard a news!
Taeyeon is going to be hosting MBC 8pm radio.
(*note Maybee's volume up is on KBS 8pm)

My 'Volume Up' family.. You like Taeyeon.. I know all.
You begged me to invite Taeyeon as a guest everyday.. I remember that.
So.. Are you going to follow Taeyeon and go with MBC?
You could of course! Taeyeon is a pretty, cute, and lovely girl..
Wherever she goes, you would want to follow her..!

But~ think about .. time we spent together.
So if you want to leave.. at least leave a good bye message.

"Volume!!! I loved you.. I am going to Taeyeon's!! 
Sorry that I couldn't protect you... Don't stop me... Taeyeon~ Take me with you~!"

Messages that can catch Taeyeon's heart! 
Messeges that could make Taeyeon wanting to take you. 
Please.. s..en..d us messages....! We.. are not gonna be upset. 

Ji Sook (Rainbow)
→ The other Rainbow members feel their hearts flutter when they see male idols but for her, her heart flutters when she sees Taeyeon. She’s the famous Taeyeon-look-alike.

→ Someone asked a question on which male idol she liked, but she randomly talked about Taeyeon. The reason was that, for her first radio schedule, Taeyeon sent her an encouraging text message. Said she was really thankful for that, and shouted, “Taeyeon Jjang!”. She also said that Taeyeon not only has a pretty face but a beautiful heart.

Bada (S.E.S)
→ Said she wanted to carry Taeyeon around in her pocket. Said Taeyeon is a hoobae whose eyes are “very alive”.

Sun Mi (Wonder Girls)
→ One of the most famous Taegangers. She loves Taeyeon a lot that her members found out on their seacrh engines that she is searching Taeyeon's name on the net.

Seungyeon (KARA)

→ On SonyeonSonyeo Gayo, showed extreme signs of fangirling over Taeyeon. Said she really wanted to be friends with Taeyeon.

Gyuri (KARA)

On Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio, said Taeyeon is a kid she loves. Included Taeyeon in the 88-line even though Taeyeon is a 89-er (Taeyeon sent Gyuri a playful text message asking to be included because she felt left out)

Baek Ji Young

“Want to date Oppa?”─ She said this playfully to Taeyeon. That’s how much she adores Taeyeon. She said that out of all the idols, Taeyeon is the one she gets along best with.

Kim Hyung Jung 
→ She Said she wants to date Taeyeon on a radio show.

Park Gyi Young

→ Definitely Taeyeon’s Unnie-fan. You can see it in the Photo by ChinChin and the captions for the pictures

Lee Soo Young (singer)
→ Said Taeyeon is one of the few female singers who can become a 2nd Lee Soo Young, and expressed a lot of affection for her.

Park Hye Gyung (singer)

→ Said that out of all the idols, Taeyeon stands out to her the most

Kim ShinYoung
→ Taegangers know her well. Soshi;s friend and sometimes visits their dorm. She visited ChinChin often and gave Taeyeon an oil massage.

Joo Hee (8eight)

→ When the question was asked, “Do you feel excited/nervous at the thought of coming to ChinChin?” and was asked if she also feels excited (even though she’s a girl), got flustered and couldn’t speak. All in good fun and fangirlism ^^

Kim Hyo Jin

When SNSD were doing group promotions for Gee, only talked about Taeyeon. Kept calling her “Taengoo~ Taengoo~” and adored her a lot

Moon Ji Ae (MBC announcer)

→ Said she likes Taeyeon the best out of SNSD because she’s so cute

Park Jung Ah (Jewelry)

→ When she was the DJ for StarryNight Radio, when SNSD were guests, adored Taeyeon the most out of them.

Park Kyung Lim

→ Talked about SNSD – Joked that since the girls were both pretty and had good personalities, she didn’t like them. LOL. Talked about how Taeyeon would share the rice cake that she received from fans with Kyung Lim.


→ Said she wanted to be close to Taeyeon because she admires her. Made a sandwhich for Taeyeon (don’t remember show name – it’s on youtube however)

Lee Jung Hyun (Big Mama)

→ On ChinChin Christmas Eve special, told Taeyeon that she was “bolsoorok maeryuk” (It’s a phrase used to describe someone as “the more you look at him/her, the more you realize how charming they are”/”a charm that keeps growing on you”) Many Taegangers use this phrase to describe Taeyeon, because that’s what she is. The more you find out about her, the more you realize how many layers she has and the many different charms she has.

Hyun Young (Rainbow)

→ After the ChinChin visit, uploaded on her cyworld “Taeyeon sunbaennim is so pretty. The radio broadcast was so fun. Taeyeon Jjang~”

Kim Younha (the national figure skater)

→ Her cyworld background music is often Taeyeon’s songs. Mentioned in several interviews that she likes Taeyeon. The two even did a duet together

Sa Mi Ja (actress: appeared in You’re My Destiny)

→ On the show Vitamin, treated Taeyeon like a granddaughter and asked, “Aigoo, you’re so pretty. Where’s your hometown?” Fell for Taeyeon in that short space of time.

The female PD of Song Eun Yi and Shin Bong Sun’s Radio
→ Son Eun Yi and Shin Bong Sun showed that the PD is a Taeganger. Her computer background is of Taeyeon and the DJs joke that the PD listens to Taeyeon’s ChinChin Radio instead of their own (their radio shows are at the same time, so this wouldn’t be possible unless the PD was neglecting her show for Taeyon’s)

Jung Juri 
→ Jung Juri rarely laughs when female celebrities try to be funny (LOL. Rivalry instinct) but she laughs hard at all of Taeyeon’s gags.


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