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Flying Petals (Taeyeon fansite) to sue HALO (Fany fansite) for defamation

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-Flying Petals and HALO are the best Taeyeon/Fany fansites IMO
-HALO (Tiffany's fansite) accused flying_petals of running a site for BAEKHYUN from Exo called "see the light" and she might of used Sone money to do so
-Flying petals has denied it, and has vowed to take HALO to court, and sue for defamation.
-I'm not sure if Flying Petals is suing because she doesn't like being accused of being a fan of Baekhyun, or being accused of using S♥NEs' money for non-S♥NE activities.


- kpop fandoms are serious business.
- #teamflyingpetals  'cause I don't think the admin would go that far as to suing if she wasn't telling the truth also they take amazing pictures and she's known as a generally nice person while the HALO admin has a lot of rumours about being a bitch and bashing the other members behind the scenes.

- Halo is a racist cunt and what you call a 'malicious individual fan' who only cares about Tiffany and actively insults the other members, and additionally is racist as fuck towards foreigners. But Halo has no problem leeching that delicious foreign money. Fuck that site, the amazing photos aren't worth having that shithead in the SONE fandom.Flying Petals has her own problems, but Halo is the one at fault here. This isn't the first time this piece of shit has been a complete fucking asshole toward anything non-Tiffany, so I guess Flying Petals finally said enough is enough.
- Taking it to the court is always a risk, but if she sues HALO it means she's confident.
 You all know that a rumor can damage a reputation, and even when it's proved it's false there is always a certain number of people who still believe it.
If HALO really spreaded a false rumor, FP has all the rights to suing for defamation.
- HALO is just "one" of the top tiffany fansites while flying petals is the Taeyeon fan site. it's probably the most famous.
halo is just a cunt in general tbh ugh
- Am I the only one who's laughing while reading this?
Fandom wars are one thing but when they belong to people in the same group?
HALO should definitely apologize and try to resolve this peacefully.
- I follow both QoS n Halo.
I remember those two usually sent love messages for each other, like I love you, etc. And they're really cute.
(You can backtrack QoS's old tweets to see those interactions)
They're like Shining Petals ver.2 lol


Q: Is TangPa big?
A: Both Tangpa and FP are the classic Taeyeon fansites. Merong (now known as Cotton Candy) and Precious Soul has been with Taeyeon since debut. The newer ones are Ccanjuk, Crisis, and Expecto Pantronum. The smaller ones are Daftaengk, DCTaeyeon, Kimtaeyeonbar, KTYChina etc.

Q: Can someone tell me other scandals that have happened with snsd fansites??
A: Other than this one, the only other one i can think of is when jessture lashed out on snsd members for out casting jessica earlier this year. the admin then had to step down and hand the fan site over to another member b/c the other snsd fan sites began to leave jessture out when it came to meetings with sment.
And i guess you can say QOS too when the admin of qos (hyoyeon fan site) got upset at Sone for not showing up to support Hyo at that one dancing with the star show but it clearly wasn't sones faults that they didn't show up. it was MBC's dumb asses for not giving Sones seats in the building and giving them a noticed ahead of time about the show that hyo was in.

source: onehallyu


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