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TaeNy - (2009.06.28) Chin Chin Radio Translation

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TY: In fact, if we talk about roommate you’ll not be close to everyone but if you and her have the same habit (character) you’ll be close to her and if not you will keep the distance.

GUY: But if someone that you dont want to be with?

TY: You are saying (thinking) this happens in SNSD dorm.

GUY: No, but if you have someone that you dont want to be close to.

TY: Ahh no. (laughing)

GUY: If it’s like that, the first time that you meet each other. Another kind of life will start and it will feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable situation something like that?

TY: Yeah.. That’s true, at first you’ll feel uncomfortable.

GUY: How was the beginning of having new life in the dorm?

TYThe beginning of having new life in the dorm? I started it with two persons, with Tiffany. I always thought that tiffany is older than me. On the first 2-3 days I treated her like an older sister, and I didn’t talk much to her. I was really shy at that time.

GUY: So how did you call her for that time ?

TYWe didn’t call each other that time if we want to dine/eat together we just said “Let’s go have dinner”.

GUY: Oh, it sound like there’s something wrong with both of your relationship.

TYAnd then “Have you eaten?”

GUY: Oh really!

TY: After that we talked much more with each other like “Where you come from?” and then when we talk about our age and we learned that both of us have the same age and started hanging out.

I edited some parts but Mashiks from soshified sent this to me, a raw translations of TaeNy cut from Chin Chin. He said sorry for the grammar, and that I should send it back to him if I can’t understand. Um, thank you! I understood it well. 


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