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anonymous asked:
I bet the YTMA was the only awards those chicks have ever received.

theonewhopostkoreanmen answered:

Cyworld Digital Music Awards:

2007: Best Rookie Group
2009: Song of the Month (January) and Bonsang Award

Golden Disk Awards:
2007: Popularity Award as well as the Rookie Award.
2009: Digital Daesang Award and Digital Bonsang Award. (Gee)
2010: Popularity Award, Disk Bonsang Award, Disk Daesang Award. (Oh! second album)
2011: Digital Bonsang Award and Digital Daesang Award. (The Boys)

Melon Music Awards:
2009: 2009 Top 10, 2009 Artist of the Year, 2009 Smart Radio, 2009 Mobile Music, 2009 Song of the Year (Gee), 2009 Odyssey (Gee).
2010: 2010 Top 10, 2010 Artist of the Year, 2010 Best Dressed Singer, 2010 Hot Trend.

Seoul Music Awards:
2008: Best Newcomer Award, High1 Music Award, and Popularity Award.
2010: Bonsang Award, Daesang Award, Digital Music Award, and Popularity Award. (Gee)
2011: Bonsang Award, Daesang Award, Hallyu Special Award, and Popularity Award. (Oh!)
2012: Popularity Award and Bonsang Award. (The Boys)

Annual Korean Entertainment Arts Awards:
2007: Best New Female Group
2008: Best Female Group
2010: Best Female Group

Korean Music Awards:
2010: Song of the Year (Gee) and Group Musician of the Year Netizen Vote

Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA):
2010: Best Female Group
2011: Artist of the Year

Mnet 20’s Choice Awards:
2008: Hot Sweet Music Award
2012: Hot Trendy Music Award

Gaon Chart Awards:
2012: Album of the Year Award and Oricon Hallyu Singer Award
2013: Album of the Year Award and Song of the Year

KBS Music Festival:
2010: Song of the Year (Oh!)

Asia Song Festival:
2008: The Best Asian Artist Award
2009: Asian Best Group Award
2011: Asian Best Group Award

Yahoo! Asian Buzz Award:
2009: Top Buzz Star: Female Singer Category
2010: Top Buzz Music Video (Oh!)

SBS MTV Best of the Best:
2011: Best Girl Group

Nickelodeon Korea Kids’ Choice Awards:
2009: Favorite Female Singer
2010: Favorite Female Singer
2013: Favorite Female Singer

And that was just Korean-wise. Here’s Japanese-wise:

Japanese Gold Disc Awards:
2011: The Best 5 New Artists (Domestic) and New Artist of the Year Award
2012: Album of the Year (Asia) and Best 3 Albums (Asia)
2013: Song of the Year by Download (Asia, Paparazzi) and Best Music Video (Asia, The 1st Japan Tour DVD)

Japan Record Awards:
2010: New Artist Award

Space Shower Music Video Awards:
2011: Best Pop Music Video Award (Genie)

MTV Music Video Awards Japan:
2011: Best Group Video (Genie) and Best Karaoke! Song (Genie)
2012: Album of the Year (Girls’ Generation)

International award-wise:

Soompi Gayo Awards:
2010: Artist of the Year Award
World Music Awards: (Pending)

VEVO Certified Awards:
2013: Gee with 100,000,000 views

YouTube Music Awards:
2013: Video of the Year Award (I Got A Boy)

Also there are other awards they have won such as:
Young Artist Award
Artist Daesang
Teen Musical Artist Award
Best Picture for Variety
Ahjumma Group Award
Special Award (Best Singer)
Content Industry Award (Special Honor)
Singer Award
Best Singer Award
Best Advertising Models Award
Best Singer Dresser
Pop Culture Award
Art Category
Best Single
Album of the Year
Best Korean Artist
Music Video of the Year
Asia Star Award
Pop Music Award
Bonsang Award
Prime Minister’s Award
Best New Artist
Hallyu Grand Award
Special Award for Female Category: Singer
The Most Popular Asian Artist
Best Jeanist
Best Global Icon Group

Oh, let’s not forget each award earned by individual members of the group:

Taeyeon: Yepp Popularity Award
Yoona: Best New Actress, Netizen Award 208, Netizen Award 2012
Seohyun: Most Popular Couple (We Got Married)
Yuri and Tiffany: Special Award: MC Division
Taeyeon: Hot DJ, Best OST
Yoona: Best New Actress and Popularity Drama Actress
Yuri: Popularity Drama Actress
Yoona: Netizen Award
Jessica: Popularity Award
Jessica: Korean Barbie
Taeyeon: Female Top Buzz Star, Female Radio Award, Radio Newcomer Award
Seohyun: Recognition Award
Taeyeon: Best Song From a Series, Song of the Month: February
Yuri: New Star Award
Sooyoung: Best K-Style Award

So yep. You’re totally correct. They’ve only won one award.


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