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TaeNy Shippers Should Know Better

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Why are people blaming TaeNy shipper over at twitter. That s♥ne didn't even mention Taeyeon?

That is the same s♥ne who asked Taeyeon to write "Pani" in Chinese, and wanted Fany to write "Ruanruan" (Taeng's chinese nickname) and a phrase that roughly translates into "I'm the bottom in a gay relationship", in 2011. Fany didn't write the phrase in the end cause she didn't know how to.


I was holding Fany’s (in chinese which is 帕尼) name wanting to let Taeng try writing it. Taeng say she will try writing it but if it is wrong please correct me. Then Taeng wrote it and I smiled. Taeng looked up and asked me if she wrote it wrongly? and I said no, u write it very well. Taeng then ask me how do u say it? I told her it is pronounce as Pa- ni.
Fany wrote down ‘ruanruan' after reading the slip of paper I pass to her. I told her that's Taeng's nickname, she laughed and added a <3 to it. I asked her to write '我最受' which means I'm the prettiest but Fany say she really don't know how to write chinese characters. so she asked can I write 'woaini'? then, I say in chinese? Fany say no, romanization is that alright? I say okay and Fany became so happy immediately. 
帕尼 is Pa-ni and Ruanruan is Taeyeon. Ruanruan means soft-soft.
Lol, cute fan trolled TaeNy.. Tiffany even wrote wo ai ni <3..
Original fanaccount: deselim @ weibo
English translations by:  @ twitter


Today he/she managed to get Fany to write a similar phrase, which translates into something like "I'm the bottom in a gay relationship for a million years". And tricked Fany into thinking the phrase meant "you're beautiful"


I think I remember Deselim, that person used to scan all the IGAB albums! Mmm~ That person has crossed the limits for tricking Tiffany. Tsss~ I bet she's young.

Made me realize things like TaeNy is not real...No sorry. I didn't mean that! Of course they are REAL! :p But really, there are these possibilities but I'm not that close minded. Accept the fact. But on the second thought, it would be awkward to date someone in the group. (I tried it. It was really awkward after break up, but it depends though~)

And mostly if you're super duper phucking delusional. Do not tell TaeNy in their face that they phuck each other or tagged them on IG some nude TaeNy delusional thingy! Just keep it in yourself to motha phucka! Seriously keep your tingling fingers in your thoughts!

Be a good locksmith.
Minimize delusional thoughts.
Have discipline.
Respect TaeNy.


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