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Yuri and Her Yoga Instructor

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MBLAQ's Thunder, Yoga Coach Nadia "SNSD's Yuri is also one of my disciples"

Number 1 of the Idol Yoga Teaching Nadia showed that her sexiness is from her healthy beauty.

On 'Splat House' that will be broadcasted on the 24th on Cable Channel SBSE!TV, Nadia reveals her know how on her success.

On the recent recording of 'Splat House' 3 beautiful coaches made an appearance on the show with the topic of 'Beautiful coaches taking 100,000 people with them'. Recently on a cable program, Nadia earned some popularity through idol group MBLAQ's member Thunder. Not only that, Nadia is responsible of SNSD's Yuri, Talent Yoon HyeYoung and Kim SeAh's body lines. Especially, Ok JooHyun who made a big issue of yoga coaching was a big part of Nadia's popularity.

On this day's recording, Nadia said hello to different famous people and also shows some yoga moves on how to make a beautiful body line as well as her sexy healthy beauty.
Source: FB [June 24, 2010 at 8:47pm]

So basically Yoga teacher is teaching Yuri since 2009 (seen on IY)

What's the issue? . . . Well, nothing much... I mean netizens are speculating like ─
"Yuri with her yoga instructor or should i say girlfriend? :har:  :happy: LOL"

I mean what's new about Yuri?? You guys keep saying,

"Why u mean bitch keep saying Yuri is gay"
"Soshi unnies aren't gay!"
"Yuri is straight"

#My pussy is LOLing

Tell me who did Yuri get involved with a guy? Maybe few? ... Ha Jung Woo? TBH I don't know, really... The only rumor I know was Yuri - SYJ - HYS ...

Kwon Yuri & Nadia(yoga instructor)

Yuri got home yoga lessons from her yoga teacher last 071013 and yuri gave her chocolates from LA as a gift!cr: SNSD♥Yuri♥Forever♥

They had the dinner @LUKA511. The restaurant looks very nice and close to SM Ent.

I'm not implying if they are really dating or whatshit because I don't know... Maybe(?) Kinda(?) Sorta..(?) Who knows...

#Insert coin finger here


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