Monday, February 3, 2014

Just Me...

Butts Posted by SoshiBUTTS at 3:02 AM
Levels of crushing...

Obviously I can't reach my one and only Taeyeon-eonni~ She is so unreachable. Not even a close one. Moreover, Tiffany owns her. So, I better back off... *shoooos myself, shoo!*

Ohhhhh DJ Ava Ava Ava Ava~ I DLed some of her recorded radio. I really really love her voice! Dang it Ava! Dang it! Who says only SNSD makes girls gay since 2007? (lol) I idolize you dear fellow Sone, I love listening to your candy voice. I keep shrugging and smiling like a fool. But but but, you don't know I exist, and you're so far away. And last I heard(2014.01.31) you already are in a relationship. So, ok ok *backing off, taking a big steep backward*.

There's someone inside the country that I like though. But dang it! Why does my country have to be an archipelago.. And I'm no good in LDR. But she's a good friend. She's also in a relationship. I can't ruin it. Oh come one, I'm no relationship wrecker~


I only want Taeyeon, Taeyeon and only Taeyeon. I believe I'm going to marry her and we will have many babies as we can! *coughs*sorry delusional shit over here*coughs*


Anonymous said...

Hah. *scoffs

Tiffany's bitch said...

Listen you better take this down before Tiffany murders you, shes the jealous type

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