Monday, May 19, 2014

Just making sure...

Butts Posted by SoshiBUTTS at 6:37 AM
K-classmate: *looks at my phone's wallpaper* Soshibutts, your wallpaper... that's Taeyeon. You're such a fan of Girls' Generation.

Me: Of course. I like her, she looks like me right? (I can't say Taeyeon is my girl crush and I want her on bed, can I? Koreans are homophobes. She's so fucking cute and I don't wanna scare her.)

K-classmate: Ehhh~ *laughs*

Me: I'm just kidding. Good to know you know Taeyeon.

K-classmate: Of course! I know her. She's popular.

Me: How popular?

K-classmate: Very popular. Her group ─ SNSD is the number 1 girl group in Korea. Errr~ I know you already know this.

Me: *smiles widely* Of course I know. Just making sure.


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