Thursday, December 5, 2013

Just Me...

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A long time go...(2013.iforgot.iforgot)

I was reading my notes.

Ex: Do you love me?
Me: What's with you?
Ex: I think you love Girls' Generation more than me...
Me: *fake laughs* A-ha-ha-ha *slaps arm* Of course not... How can you say that? I love you..
/damn! how'd you know?/

Just 2 days ago (2013.12.04)

At the bar...

Me: Hey! Faggot! How are you?
Ex: Cool. Cool. Still butt hurt of what you did *laughs*
Me: Oh you~
Ex: You're so kpop-ish! *refers my clothing*
Me: So? I love it.
Ex: I already have someone...
Me: Why are you telling me this? You know I don't mind
Ex: I have to tell you
Me: It's ok.
Ex: Still butt hurt you know...
Me: *taps arm* I realized I love Girls' Generation more than you...
Ex: . . .
Me: I know it's stupid but I really am in love with Taeyeon.

I'm sorry to my ex. Really. But it's the truth...
I love SNSD's Kim Taeyeon
since 2009


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